Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This card of everyday success is a bit of an enigma for me.  Dressed in all her finery, she is riding high atop of her unicorn in proclamation of her success and accomplishment.   But at what cost?  She seems to be missing her wings.  Did she get her wings clipped or did she give them up for her success?   We all want to be heros in are own stories, but as time goes on, heroes are forgotten. Is winning at all costs really worth it?

Most days I do pretty well all things considered.  There are times though that I give a little too much of myself to clients, customers, friends, and family.  And that is okay because it is what I do, but when I bend a little too far and then don't get the accolades and thank yous I think I deserve, I bemoan those ungrateful so and so's.  So for today I best consider that request for me to go above and beyond, most likely my fairy spirit wings will get clipped.  And since I am restricting my wheat intake, there won't be any cake to soothe my hurt feelings.

FAIRY TAROT CARDS - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine


  1. Chocolate; there is always chocolate to ease the pain; no wheat but lots of other yummy ingredients!!!

    1. I have some fresh strawberries and cream, that will go a long way if my feelings get pinched.