Wednesday, March 2, 2016


"So focusing your intentions on what you can do with your gift would work far better than focusing on getting rich.  There is nothing wrong with getting rich of course, but for most of us this intention would come more from fear and not having enough.  Therefore, it would be driven by force and not by power.  Power is natural, force is artificial.  Power is always there, force needs to be created constantly to be effective." - Thomas Herold

This quote is from an article by Thomas Herold and the subsection of 'What is Attention, Intention, and Focus.

This surfer defines all three and his gift is his surfing.  Won't get rich at it but he is one with the board and I think all of Life.


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  1. To find something we love to do and do reasonably well is a gift. If I'm only focused on making money with this gift, my passion tends to dry up quickly. I think I'd prefer to have a separate, tolerable job that would allow me to keep my passion intact.