Sunday, October 22, 2017

Come down from there

This does not appear a solid place to stand your ground; those boulders could shift at any time.
Why sometimes do we pick precarious places?
For the view?
To beat out the other person?
Because the pile of rocks is there?
There are times I cannot figure out why I chose this over that, makes me snort in derision about some of my choices.
For today, before I contemplate tackling a new project, I will think twice before making that climb.

Gateway Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Vantage Point

I have a deep abiding fascination and love of hawks.  I catch glimpses of them here and there and I always give thanks that I had the chance to see them and share the moment.

I had the opportunity to enjoy a late lunch with my niece yesterday afternoon.  We went to her favorite place, Panera Bread and enjoyed lunch out on the patio.  To and from I spotted several hawks and commented on them to her.  I have pointed them out to her before and she mentioned how I always seem to spot them.  Well maybe not always but I really try to take notice.  I thought at one time that the hawk might me a totem animal for me and that might be so, more likely they are a reminder of awareness and being in the moment.  Once I tried to imagine joining hawk on a flight.  I envisioned what I thought they would see from high above. The experience of seeing from a higher vantage point and the feel of the wind ruffling through my feathers. Today might be a good day to take flight again. 

SPIRIT ANIMAL Oracle - Sue Lion

Friday, October 20, 2017

Can't put my finger on it

Roses are beautiful but they have thorns.

Something is amiss.  You know that feeling you get when everything looks right but your intuition nudges you with 'beware.'  I get a curl to my right lip and my nose twitches and my right squints when looking at something that just...well just something.  You can't quite put your finger on it.  This Nine of Pentacles is like that; all those lovely polished pents lined up nicely and yet the backdrop of rocks and storm clouds on the horizon indicates that first appearances are not seemingly.  The RWS is somewhat the same, a lovely woman in her abundant garden and yet she has a falcon, a hunter, at her beck and call.  Something just out of sync with that as well.
Today I will try to beware of things that are not what they seem

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Enough is enough

When I see the Ten of Swords a cloud of worry washes over and through me.  Weeks and months before my tornado trauma the RWS Ten of Swords kept making an appearance. 

I am better with that image and have only drawn it once since trauma, associated images from other decks, like this Ten of Words don't hold the same sway over me.  The authors of the deck and companion book gives us Disillusion: cause to realize that a believe or an ideal is false.  Point on or is on point? They also discuss that Owl flying above those swords, as an omen of dark times, mostly I think there is a mystery to owls because they belong to the night.  Some see owl as a portrayal of wisdom.
Maybe with their hoots of  'who who' we could see it as a moment of identity crisis and ask ourself/myself what is my confusion at this moment. I asked myself a question about an event today and this card says skip it; good enough form me.

The Sacred Circle Tarot - Anna Franklin & Paul Mason

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Sometimes the best argument is to not argue at all.

This morning drifting in an out of sleep I came across an encounter whilst driving.  I pulled into a parking lot and heading down a narrow lane, someone ahead was coming from the opposite direction, so I pulled to the side to give a leave-way and the gal driving began to slow down, and then kind of angled her car across the drive and blocked the lane. She pulled out her phone and ignored me sitting there in my car waiting.  As I sat there trying to decide to honk the horn, get out and ask her "what the heck" or just back up and get on with it, a part of me realized I was having a dream.  Now in dreams everyone you encounter is supposed to be a facet of oneself.  So if I am blocking me, what is the me of me trying to tell me?   We can never win an argument with ourselves.

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


What is past is past, or is it?

Most of the tarot sixes give us moment.  I have been looking at these six cups and the only movement I can really begin to conclude is my mind's remembrance of something in my memories.  If we spend too long in the past can one get stuck there? You betcha.  Most decks and tarotist give Nostalgia as the meaning behind this card.  Good times or not so good, the past is part and parcel of who we are, but not where we should live.

Any opinions on what that tower is doing in the backdrop of this card? Maybe it is a remembrance of a tower moment?

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Monday, October 16, 2017

Queen Me

I always liked the game of Checkers, if you managed to maneuver across the board and move your piece to the opponents home you got to announce, "Queen Me" and that queen became the strongest player on the board.

This Queen sits rather stiffly on her throne.  All the fuss to have her portrait done.  I believe she'd rather be back at home, tending to what needs to be done and taking care of what needs to be taken care of.  Still it is nice to have a bit of fuss made over oneself.  She is a Queen after all.

Sacred Circle Tarot

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Take a right

The road less traveled.

In this area the Fall is not dressed in her usually brilliant foliage.  Lack of significant rainfall has effectively limited the color palette the trees normally display.  Even if the Fall's wardrobe is not what we usually get to see it is a wonderful time of the year. It is a good reminder to not let little bumps in the road blindside me to what is or can be a wonderful opportunity or drive through the woods.  
"Everyday is a winding road" -Sheryl Crowe

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Who's that girl?

Can we really know ourselves unless from time to time we challenge ourselves?

Sometimes we need to tap into our reserves to see if we can 'go the extra mile.'  Strong body, Strong mind, Strength of will.
The Olympian, The Dancer, The Musician, The Poet, all those that do what they do with grace and with ease, make what they do look so easy.  Most of us don't think of or realize all the hours of training, practice, and dedication to honing their craft that many devote to what they do.
Do we do what we do or do what we are? 
I have ask myself that question several times in the last week or so and I am guessing Strength has shown up to help me answer my question.

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Friday, October 13, 2017

Don't take for granted

Reaping the fruit of hard work.

Wands energy.  Never did quite get the gist of a person standing at the ready waiting for ships to come in.  Hopeful for all of her hard work to pay off?
This card helps bring this home.  Good Soil, Sunlight, and Rain are exactly what the plant needs to thrive and produce, and yet it needs tending.  Someone had to plant the Wands as a trellis and weed around the plant.  Something to think on and remember, seemingly easy success might not reveal the hard work that went towards that success.
Looking at all those luscious strawberries - might be a good day for some strawberry shortcake for dessert, after my hard day of work.

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Gift!

Years ago, maybe ten, I went to this class on Tarot. A relative newbie as were the other nine people in the class, we all had shiny new decks waiting on the informed insight of a 'Master Teacher'  Since then I have come to the conclusion that you can never quite master tarot, mostly because insights as to what the card relay can change daily or with each situation.  One of things I remember from that class is when an Ace appears it is a gift. I can still read that on some of the tarot sites "A Gift"

Yesterday I read of a new  on-line Mystery School being offered and though I am reluctant to sign on with another pseudo wizard of oz program; I think this one may have merit.  I didn't sign up last night after reading about it and thought I would see how I felt about it this morning.  This 'gift' of an Ace indicates that beginning a program on a possible ancient mystery is something worth following through with.
As Bilbo Baggins said, "I am quite ready for a new adventure."

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Design flaw

The Authors of this deck give us the Tower and drafted their card after the tower in Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland, a monastic settlement.  When I view this card I wonder what the monks  were thinking or what I am thinking?  The Tower with the two stone huts at his base is to me symbolic of the male anatomy.

I am not sure why Anna Franklin & Paul Mason have decided to place the Tower as card fifteen and switching it with the Devil or in this deck the Underworld? Actually I think the placement of the Tower after Temperance might be a better flow through the Major Arcana.  After getting the lightning strike I can see us being tempted by the Devil when we are our most vulnerable.
For today I am going to put a lucky stone in my pocket as a  talisman to ward off any possible "strike" of misfortune.  And if I discover anything that I question it or their intent, I will give it a pass.  What I see or interpret maybe only be a unique perspective.

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Do we do what we are, or are we what we do?

Do we become what we do? Would we be strangers to ourselves if we did nothing? 

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Monday, October 9, 2017


How harsh that word seems, defeat. In the instance portrayed in the card, defeat was the most likely outcome, since two swords are broken. One must wonder did the blades get broken in this encounter or were broken swords the only ones available to counter the three?

I can't assume or I won't assume just because I didn't "win" in a situation doesn't make me a loser.  Maybe I didn't have the right tools or information. Maybe it was the Universe stepping in and saying "not for you."
It took me many years to learn this lesson.  I mostly notice it now while out driving about.  Missing my turn on the highway or misplacing my keys just before leaving home.  Delays I call them now, something kept me from being in a certain place at a certain time.  Instead of berating myself, I now just go with the flow.  So if I come across a situation today with only broken swords, I will do my best and I am okay with that.

The Sacred Circle Tarot - Anna Franklin & Paul Mason

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Can you count

One + One = Two

Earlier this year I ran into the proverbial wall looking at the cards and spent a month with basically my beginners deck - Rider Waite Smith.  Since then I have tried to spend two weeks with a deck.  The Gaian Tarot was a bit of favorite a few years back, now it leaves me glassy-eyed.  So in the spirit of hanging in there I decided to continue with the second week.  I drew the Ace of Air/Swords today, a repeat from a few days ago. I looked at it and nothing, so I grabbed the RWS and drew the matching card from the deck, now I got two aces and nothing.  I guess once the mind goes into the void that is it. Not willing to give up, I drew a third card from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck to help with the Aces, got Two Owls. 1+1=2.  I gave up and went back to bed and took a nap.
The only thing that makes sense is when I size up a situation is make sure 1+1=2  and not 3 or some other number.  Take things at face value.  I am not a quitter, but i think the Gaian Tarot has to go to the back of draw.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A moment

Stand up and take notice!

Last evening I experienced a perfect moment, time stopped and I could have lived in that moment.  A Sunset so stupendous and breathtaking that stories should be told about it.  I have seen many through my years and all are perfection.  There have been some Sunsets experienced at the beach as the Sun retires and there appears to be twinkling lights dancing across the ocean that are magical.  This one was different.  And I had a thought as I stood in awe, that had I died five years ago, I would have missed this moment of glory. 

The Gaian Tarot -Joanna Powell Colbert

Friday, October 6, 2017

Up or Down

The butterflies have all but gone in our area. Taken flight to warmer places. 

After scanning the card in I realized it was upside down, a reverse drawing of the Ace of Air/Swords.  I normally do not look at cards from the reverse perspective so when one somehow makes an appearance, I take it as a noteworthy occurrence. 
Maybe this just informs be to be aware of possible misdirection today, especially where my thoughts are concerned.  If the printing on the card was not upside down, one would not know it is a reversed drawing.  Same with most things, just the smallest change most likely will go unnoticed.

Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Howl at the Moon

What an auspicious card draw for today, the day of the Full Moon.

The Harvest Full Moon.
Moon Magic.
I am going out tonight and give my best howl.
Later tonight say 12/13 hours or so from now, if you step outside and glance at the Full Moon with thin wispy threads of clouds drifting across her lunarscape and hear something, some whisper in the night, it is me "awhhoooo" and if you feel so inclined, please join me in the chorus.

Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Suitable environment

I drew the Ace of Wands again today, emergence.  I decided to place the card back in the deck and reshuffle asking where this Ace was directing me, where to direct all this fire energy that is coming to me and at me?  After the shuffle I went looking for the Ace and  the card immediately following, the Ten of Earth/Pentacles.

Interesting, Ten being a higher octave than One/Ace.  Mostly though I felt like a snake would be more comfortable in the forest, a natural habitat; that is unless you were a water snake. 
The forest with all it's lovely trees, lots of old growth, still, the forest is ever changing.  The foreground tree stump show new growth.  All animals and things complete their cycle of life and new life takes it place, ever changing.  Maybe that is the message of the Ace of Fire/Wands these last two days.  I am making a switch in my sales career moving from outside sales to inside sales.  Something new from the old ways.  A new path to follow and the energy to take it.

Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Are snakes mostly vilified because the whole garden of eden mysticism? 

This baby snake is just emerging from her egg.  No oohs and aahs for her.  Baby turtle, bird, cat, dog, giraffe, human - yes indeedy, not the poor lowly snake.  Snakes are such a benefit for Planet Earth and obviously they fulfill a need or they would be extinct.
The message for me today is to not dismiss something that I might find contrary or not in accord with my way of thinking.  As with Aces something new might be found in my day and I should give it's due.

Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Monday, October 2, 2017

Wallow, why don't you

"If you want something to cry about, I will give you something to cry about."

I much prefer the image in the Rider Waite-Smith deck, the gal sitting under the tree, full of woe is me.  Disconsolate that the partying portrayed in the the three of cups has ended, she doesn't notice the new opportunity presented with the offered fourth cup.  That's the way of it sometimes; we don't want the good times to end.  The thing is, if the party goes on continuously it becomes the new norm and boredom sets in.  Never happy are we?

My Dad used to threaten us with the above quote, it was enough to dry up the tears.

The Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Middle Way

Temperance just about always has me scratching my head.  Blending, merging, middle of the road.  Might as well stay home for the day if you are not going to get much if anything accomplished.

I took a few minutes of contemplation and pulled out a few of my books on tarot to re-read what some had to say about Temperance. In several instances The Serenity Prayer was quoted, so for me that will be my advice from the my card draw for the day.
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Different advice really than just taking the middle road or blending.  Do if can and don't if can't and be okay with myself either way.

The Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Here I AM

Vision Quest

This card brings to mind those fundamental questions we ask ourselves throughout our days on Planet Earth. 
Where were born, where is your home, where are you going, what are you doing?  Think about these once in awhile and watch your answers change.
I wrote about these same questions earlier this year, and I am back to them with this card.  Time to say goodbye to September, pull the page on my wall calendar, and contemplate what do I need to see, do, and finish, and maybe start, to finish my year.
I recently gathered a number of self help books and I am taking them to the Library.  I no  longer want or need to climb the Mountain of Spirituality.  I am Carolyn and it is time to just be me.

Native Spirit Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Friday, September 29, 2017

Perfect moment

I saw something similar to this vision some years back crossing The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  Their peaks do not reach as high as Rocky Mountains, still when the cloud cover hangs on the ridges of the mountains and Sun begins it's daily ascent...

When I turned this card over I heard and began singing the song, On A Clear Day sung by Barbra Streisand.  It was also the title to a cute little movie about reincarnation and Barbra Streisand stars and sings that same tune.
What a fabulous way to start my day with a little singing. 

Native Spirit Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sight for sore eyes

What a vision a white buffalo must be.

I am unclear what message if any that comes from this card.  Perhaps today I shall have to stand my ground.  Maybe somewhere along the line something will give me pause and I will need to pay particular attention to what grasps my attention.  Maybe, a spiritual or sacred moment; I had one the other evening, a sunset that almost took my breath away.  Maybe, Maybe, Maybe
I also thought of buffalo nickles, for whatever reason.  In 1912 they coined the design and started production for release in 1913.  Easy enough, what I discovered while reading about coinage at that time, was an ongoing concern for counterfeiting nickels and other coins.  Can you image, counterfeiting nickles.  The world has truly changed.

Native Spirit Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


"Live larger than Life. Be the storyteller and the hero of your own life." - booklet

I was immediately drawn to this card when I drew it from the deck, so much so that I stepped right into the scene.  I could smell the wood smoke and the hear the hiss and spit of the fire. Entranced, the only disruption to the intense quiet on the beach was the sound of the wood sap that caught flame. I wondered who set the rocks and lit the fire? Would they soon return to set a hare or fish to flame or maybe come to share a story.
Embellish: to make beautiful with ornamentation.

When I was a child we would get together and tell ghost stories around a small fire.  Miss that.

Native Spirit Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Medicine bags are often small pouches worn beneath clothing with items private, personal, and perhaps spiritual in nature.

At first I thought this might be a bag the Fool would carry about, but the booklet indicates that medicine bags were worn out of sight.  I carry a purse and don't know that I would call it a medicine bag, though there are a couple of stones, coins, and ibruprofen rolling  around at the bottom.  So I wonder what secret and personal items do I keep about me to help me identify myself?

Native Spirit Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Monday, September 25, 2017

Up up and away

Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky (verse from Twinkle Twinkle)

This eagle flying about, reminds me that sometimes it is best to stay above the fray.  In the long or short march of our days, and the distance is from a personal perspective, how much of what we do really matters?  Not much I suppose, still a bunch of little bits adds up to a lot.  Maybe that is where the phrase adding your "two cents worth" originated.  Two pennies is not much, but if thousands, threw their two in the pot, there would be a lot of pennies.
Sometimes I guess we have to decide, stay out of it or cast our lot in with the rest.

Native Spirit Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Birds of a feather

Up and out the door.

On my way North to visit my two sisters in Indianapolis today.  My sister that lives nearby and I are making a bi-yearly jaunt to visit.  They are a lot of work, still they are my sisters and we share a commonality. 
Happy Saturday.

Friday, September 22, 2017


This is a different perspective on the card of Death.  Gives me pause for consideration.

In a book I recently read, a man described his NDE - near death experience.  He had a massive heart attack and falling to the ground he laid there and actually had the experience of dying. Everything went calm and smooth and he thought to himself "this is what dying is" and in that moment realized he was not afraid of dying, that he really had been afraid of life, that living is the real challenge.  The part of him that was still in his body mustered himself and brought himself back from the brink. This story really resonated with me;  I too was at that place of separation when the EMT's started their revival work on me years ago.  And the telling of his tale makes me wonder when I comment and say I am not afraid of dying, what  I am saying is that I am fearful in living.  Something to think about.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Give it a splash

It is hot this week.  In the 90's most everyday until late next week.  This card reminds me when I was a young girl we didn't go to the neighborhood pool for a swim to cool off.  We lived in a more rural setting and so our answer as kids was go have a splash in a creek.  Back behind our home was several fields with a creek running through them, the only caveat was there were cows out and about and the farmer didn't want us upsetting the herd and neither did the bull among his gals.  We had to dash in and have a splash and get back out.  There was always the hose in the backyard, but running through the fields and jumping in the creek was more fun and carefree. 
For today maybe I can find a way to capture a moment of my carefree youth?

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Much ado

Hope springs eternal.

Let's see what the day brings.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Silver tongue

This Knight of Wands has a clever way with words, otherwise how could he convince a rabbit to saddle him and take him for a jaunt?

Today it is supposed to be all rain.  Good day to stay in and maybe do some sales calls and see if I can connect with a few clients for now and the future.  I was never really 'clever' with words.  I am all the straight out approach.  If I can help I will, if not, I am on my way. "Saddle up bunny."

FAIRY Tarot-Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Monday, September 18, 2017

Now What

Who upset the apple cart?

There were a number of instances over the weekend that I incurred short bursts of chaos.  Those are the times to fall back on the tried and true, structure. 

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen VIrtue  Radleigh Valentine

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Shadow

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, the Shadow knows."
evil--live, vile, veil, lie

Can we or do we, ever knows what another really thinks?  What lurks within.  Can we know what life has dealt another?  Maybe this fairy captured and stacked all the snowballs because he grew up with next nothing and his fear of lack causes him to be a bully, when in reality he just needs someone to see beyond his/her shadow self.
Today I will give myself and others the benefit of a doubt.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Path

How many times in life have I taken the path of least resistance?  The 'go along to get along' mentality. Probably more than I care to admit.

Some of those choices didn't really make much of a difference, didn't shape the me of me.  One though, did.  I knew it was wrong and in reflection I keep asking myself the why of it.  Thirty years now gone by and still I see the result it had in the lies of my life, and how those lies have affected even the here and now. 
I guess it was part of this life's experience.  I wonder a lot even to this day, if I had not followed that path and just said "no thank you" and moved along.
Actually there was another one...guess I better get my calculator out and start a count.

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Friday, September 15, 2017

Summer to Fall

Seasons change and so do I. 

My daily affirmation calendar "Today I just show up and flow through the day."  Appropriate for this Queen of Cups.

I have noticed in the last few days splashes of orange and yellows appearing among the trees.  Yesterday morning I heard a gaggle of geese honking above as they begin their autumnal gathering.  It is all part of the flow of change, and it is time for me to think of my own preparations for the changing of seasons.

FAIRY Tarot- Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jingle Jangle

That is the phrase I heard when I looked at this card. So I went out to the www and wanted to see where the expression originated.

I always associated the phrase with the jingle of coins in my pocket, you know when you are standing in line with nothing much to do but wait (this was before the cell phone) and you just jingled the coins in your pants pocket.
Upon discovery Jingle Jangle was a tune performed by the Archies back in the 1960's.  There is also a song named Jingle, Jangle, Jingle performed by lots of old country western singers that refers to the sound their spurs make while horse back riding, also I think back in the 60's.  I think the Archie's song came first so I don't know if there was ever a suit for infringement.  Anyway, I going to take a nod from the card and go out and jingle jangle some of my coins today and come back home with less than I started with.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Care-ful management

This lovely fairy is arranging  dandelion blooms in the garden. 

I used to admire those well maintained and landscaped yards.  Green green everywhere. Not a blade of grass out of place and not a dandelion in sight. I was never one to spend my coins on professional weed control; the management of my flower beds with my hands was enough.  Those lovely lawns are killing off bees and so many more of Earths lovely creatures. 
All those chemicals seep into the ground, run off in to the storm sewers after rain fall into our creeks, rivers, and oceans.  All those chemicals - just keep the lovely dandelion from blooming.  Now when I drive the neighborhoods when I see a yard full of dandelions I give a nod of thanks to those homeowners. 
Acid Rain?  Definitely from our own making.

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect.  How many times over the years have I heard that one.  Some wisdom in those words and sometimes I think all that practice on one skill set might choke the magic right of our me.

The wonder of being a Magician's apprentice, to learn what they will learn.  I think this young fellow had enough of working on his skill sets and decided to take what he has learned and headed out and see where it will take him, much like the Fool, out and about.   
This young elfin holds the Infinity Symbol in his hand.  I learned a bit of magic healing a few years back from a healer.  Imagine the lemiscate stitching and repairing tissue from a wound. I work with this healing mystique still today.

I must remember that I hold a bit of magic in me as well.

 FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Monday, September 11, 2017

Its possible

Well, the sensible people of the world will say

Fol-de-rol and fiddle dee dee and fiddley faddley foddle
all the wishes in the world are poppy cock and twoddle

The sensible people will also say

Fol-de-rol and fiddle dee dee and fiddley faddley foddle
all the dreamers in world are dizzy in the noodle.
-Fairy Godmother - Cinderella

Things are happening everyday!

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Until I listen

This guy again?

It seems just about anytime I spend time with this deck, this fellow makes an appearance. I don't understand what he has to say to me.  Of course I am not prone to listen to old men's advice.  Funny that, because now I am in the same age group, so the guy is not really not an old man just a contemporary.
Maybe I should just sit down with him once and for all and hear him out.

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wing It

Get Up, Get Going...

Fear can keep oneself stuck.  I have been stuck at the crossroads of indecision numerous times in my life, and then something comes along a gives me a shake and I get up and get going on my way.  A gentle shake is much preferred to a major crisis. 
I have been watching too much of the Weather Channel, time to get outside in the Sun-shine.

eartheart wisdom oracle cards - Sue Lion

Thursday, September 7, 2017

View point

I noticed my snip of the card is a little askew.  HOPE can be that way sometimes. 

Magic & Myth - Sue Lion

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lots of prayers

Heaven's Heart

I think we are all going to need some prayers.  With Hurricane Harvey and now Irma speeding towards Florida and the Southern States, and all the wildfires burning in the Western part of the United States, it may be winter before we can all take a deep breath.  I still have a feeling that the US will experience a huge earthquake, maybe the quaking is all the devastation we are in the midst of.
My Sister and her husband are visiting friends in Florida and last night I told her to find some gasoline, fuel up and head out.  They are just south of Tampa Bay currently.  Now part of their vacation is helping friends pack up so they can all head out and come north tomorrow.
Hang on it, it is really going to get bumpy from here on out. Let's pray the orange man and the short man in asia don't add to the mayhem.

eartheart wisdom oracle cards -Sue Lion

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello God

Another tree of change and seasons.  Sue Lion features trees in many of her cards.

I think that I shall never see
a poem lovely as a tree
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
against the sweet earth's flowing breast
A tree that looks at God all day
and lifts her leafy arms to pray
A tree that may in summer wear
a nest of robins in her hair
Upon her bosom snow has lain
who intimately lives with rain
Poems are made by fools like me
but only God can make a tree.
- Joyce Kilmer
 This poem reminds me to go spend time with a tree.  Give it a big hug and in that moment I connect with the Infinite, The Divine

eartheart wisdom oracle cards - Sue Lion

Monday, September 4, 2017


Labor Day, a Federal Holiday. Also considered the unofficial end of Summer.  Many people enjoy the long holiday week, with today, Monday, a paid day off.  Not me.

 eartheart wisdom oracle cards - Sue Lion

Sunday, September 3, 2017


"And the earth bursts forth with mercurial beauty as the energy of change infuses us with joy. Seek. Sing. Love. Linger. Breathe. Bathe in her sparkling scent." 

A lovely reminder to get out and enjoy these last days of Summer.  The days are beginning to shorten and the air whispers of change. Seems too soon to exchange my pots of summer blooms for those filled with Mums.  Apple cider and pumpkin patches. I noticed lots of butterflies in the trees and know that most here have begun there flights to warmer places.  Still time enough to enjoy the late days summer.

"...Don't wait! It is time to play in Earth's garden and see her for who she is - today.  Don't hesitate! Go linger, breathe, and be one with the present moment."  Sue Lion

eartheart wisdom - Oracle cards - Sue Lion

Saturday, September 2, 2017


One of my favorite teachers passed the other day.  Louise L Hay left the planet on Wednesday August 30th.

 I have been re-reading some of her books that I have. these last few days.  I became familiar with her beliefs and advocacy  back in 2005 when I was going through some very dark times and happened across her book 'You Can Heal Your Life'  Working with some of her teachings and saying affirmations helped me from a dark place.  And I will say when I suffered lots of trauma from the  tornado I again turned to affirmations to help my healing.  So here is to Louise L Hay, I hold her up to the Light and sing a song of gratitude to her.

eartheart wisdom oracle cards - Sue Lion