Sunday, November 26, 2017


Be it ever so humble.

Home lovely.  I was thinking on the word Home with the word OM within; OM the sound of the Universe, it's beginning middle, and end.  There is no place like H'om'e. I thought of this card coming home.  There I am sitting with the two dogs and my sister and her husband and family coming home from vacation.  I am oh so happy to be back in my home.  I am also very grateful for family.
I never before noticed that Pamela Coleman Smith's iconic glyph is in the upper right hand corner. In most of the cards it is placed near or at the bottom right. Shuffling through the cards I noticed several other cards that deviate from that position, none but the Ten of Pentacles is placed above. The ten features a pretty busy theme, still it might of been placed on the hindquarters of the unsuspecting pup.
Anyway, I am thankful for my own place.  Thankful for the people who choose me to be their representative when buying their home, which allows me to live in mine.

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot

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  1. Love your connection of a sacred sound with the sacred space of home.