Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Message Received

After contemplating the "re" words yesterday, of course then everything I read or wrote I saw all these words beginning with re...responsibilities, reserves, rehearse, rehash, react, rejection, reversed.
Just a few more in addition to yesterday "re" list.  Then I started to re-look at the words with out the re attached.  Just an exercise that allows me to enjoy the written word.

This feels like a message was received - think of the eight of wands and all those wands flying through the air, and now what to do with that message.  Exhaustion has set in and I hear that I must accomplish one more thing to get the job done. ' Not quite done Carolyn, one more thing.'  I deal with this all the time in my sales career.  You think you have it all finished and tied up and one more *%#$ comes up. 
So for today if I get a message and have to revisit or revise something I will try to not let it get me down.  Just do it, as the Ace of Wands I drew Sunday hints at.  When we get that message maybe that is the advice of this card, hold on to the reason you got started, the initial Ace that energized and let it revitalize me to finish.

GILDED TAROT by Ciro Marchetti

Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Mercury begins it's retrograde period today for the next 3 weeks or so.  Mercury really doesn't go backward.  It is a perceived view point.  Someone in your rear-a-view mirror looks like they stopped moving because you started moving faster.  This is a time astrologers tell us to not really start any new project but spend time in re-view.  Anything starting with "re" is a place and practice to spend time in. 
I drew this five of cups again today and guess he/she is spending time in re-flection. Wasn't sure what he had to say was worth re-peating so I decide to re-insert him back in deck and re-shuffle and then find the card again with its flanking cards to give me some deeper meaning to re-flect on.

It basically re-confirms what I saw yesterday.  Choose the two of cups/re-lationships.  Which re-affirms the Mercury Retrograde period in Virgo and Virgo is ruled by Venus and Venus is all about re-lationships.

I re-ally love a good story.  Here is to re-affirming our re-lationships.

GILDED TAROT - Ciro Marchetti

Monday, August 29, 2016

Regrets, I have a few

To be or not to be-that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
This stanza from HAMLET, the play by William Shakespeare
 came to mind when I drew this card.  Hamlet has married Ophelia the love of his life but should he go on the quest to avenge the murder of his father, leaving his love?
Once committed to a relationship or goal, that should be our main focus, but often times we dwell on those other missed opportunities.

I drew the Ace of Wands yesterday and thought about the energy that is available to get my August check list completed in four days.  I think unlike this individual instead self blame and regret, and not getting it all done in the first place, is to get up and off of my knees and get to work and grab the opportunity to finish what I can.
I still have the promise of tomorrow as long as I am breathing.  

GILDED TAROT by Ciro Marchetti

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Do or do not, there is no try. ~ Master Yoda

This Ace of Wands reminds to get to it.  I have things I want to do and things I am going to accomplish.  I get this initial rush and then the fire - the energy of a well made plan just kind of fizzles out.  This Ace brings me the energy and focus to finish up what I thought I was going to get done in August.  At the first of every month I think, 'okay a new month let me get this done'.  Well I have four days of August to finish up.
I used be a very focused goal orientated type of person, now not so much.  Times change, I changed.  Yet when I don't finish something I get that kick to my self esteem that leaves me feeling - lacking.  Yuck.
So I am going to take this burst of energy from the wand and work on my to do list before September comes-a-knocking.

GILDED TAROT ~ Ciro Marchetti

Saturday, August 27, 2016


                       Color of Dance

What would we hear if we allowed our ears and heart to listen to the flowers? What would we see if we probed just a bit deeper into the mysteries of color and fragrance? Ah, we would be part of the dance! Earth's generous palette and glorious variety beckons us to participate. Are you missing some of the treasure waiting for you? Take a look between the blades of grass, under the leaves, over the stones and seek what is on the other side. It means you will have to slow down and learn the steps of the dance. But once you do,a  delightful world awaits. And not just in your garden, but in your heart.
Notice Light maidens dance in the flowers.

 Magic & Myth affirmation cards
Artwork & words by Sue Lion

Friday, August 26, 2016


                         Seek and Sing

And the earth burst forth with mercurial beauty as the energy of change infuses us with joy. Seek. Sing. Love. Linger. Breathe. Bathe in her sparkling scent

Summer's garden applauds the universe for its creative foresight of using infinite variety. Seek out transformative butterfly energy which magically appears from the fertile earth. Explore those lingering fragrances and shapes of things to come. Don't wait! It is time to play in Earth's garden and see her for who she is today. Don't hesitate! Go play, linger, breathe, and be one with the present moment.
Notice butterflies everywhere - in the flowers, the branches of the tree, and in the sky.

Artwork & Words by Sue Lion

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Inner Beauty

                                  Inner Beauty

                 Amatarasu, Japanese Sun Goddess  

In her anger toward her brother's pranks, Amatarasu took her beauty - her light - into a cave and slammed the door. She was reminded of her inner loveliness by friends and finally came out to let her light shine out to the world. How many times do we shove our own beauty into a box and start believing we are less than what our souls are? Our hearts come into the world exuding beauty. It is time to wake up your inner core and see the power of your beautiful self. The world awaits you clothed in all your astonishing loveliness. Notice the 8-sided mirror that reflected Amatarasu's true light back to her.

eartheart wisdom affirmation cards
Artwork & words by Sue Lion

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


                    Laughing Child Within

                 Sing with the sweetness of life.
                    Laugh with the child within.

That sweet sound of laughter - what would life be like bereft of it? The fairies would be without their tiny bells; the shores would not hear the whispers of the waves. The chattering wind would be silent and leaves would be still. It is time to let the power of laughter bubble up from that deep place; let it come up from the shadow and dance into light. That loving voice is ready to sing, ready to shout, ready to be happy.

Magic & Myth affirmation cards
Artwork & words by Sue Lion

Tuesday, August 23, 2016



What makes a friend? Is it our eyes? Our skin? Our conditionings? Relationships can come from a place of need or safety or common history but friendships are born of contentment and acceptance.  Friends make of this earth a pleasant place to live. They come from different corners, times, families, and events but true friendships see not barriers or boundaries or restrictions in the pleasure of sharing lives together. Friends are there for each other, no matter the weather. Today is the perfect time to connect with a treasured friend.

Magic & Myth affirmation cards
Artwork & words by Sue Lion

Monday, August 22, 2016


                    LOVE in Light

Ah, light flows like water, surrounds me with inspiration, illuminates my path, and keeps me attentive. It is endless, just like love. It swirls and waves in the timeless whispers of protection and caring. I lift my arms to the magical light. Moon essence softens me. I breathe in earth's gentleness and the universe's promises and soak in the comfort of belonging. Light infuses my internal seeing so I can pursue my dreams and goals with confidence. Love infuses my heart so I can make a difference in the world. I am the beacon that illuminates and inspires.

eartheart wisdom
Artwork & words by Sue Lion


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tender Care

                    Vigilant Gaia

Draw from vigilant Gaia's shimmering pool of tender care and sing for the lightness of hope.

Ravens singing hearts?  Mother Earth's hand cradling the tree? Can it be? Of course! Mystery is afoot and we are protected and caressed at all times. All we have to do is be open to magic of being and allow ourselves to be a jewel in the glowing earth. Hope overcomes all, and now is the time to take up the mantle of caring - for yourself and those you touch.

Artwork and Words by Sue Lion
Deck - eartheart wisdom

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The point is...

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." -  President Theodore Roosevelt
That's what comes across to me in this portrayal of this King of Wands.  He stands outside of his city and contemplates what must he do to guard and protect his kingdom.  I don't think he fully embraces the mantle of power that passed to him by birth, but there it is; sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.

In lots of the literature on Tarot and listening to others interpretations, the norm seems to be that when a Court Card appears it usually means an individual, known or unknown will make some sort of appearance or impact in your life or even in your day to day events.  I have never paid much attention to this possibility.  I think it something I will pay closer attention to.  When I draw a court card I will see if there is a correlation with people I meet  throughout my day.
Maybe I will encounter someone today that makes some comment that sheds some light on a course of action that I might give some thought to.
Maybe the key to it all is right in front of me but I am not paying attention?

THE TAROT OF DURER concept by Manfredi Toraldo
                                art by Giacinto Gaudenzi  ~  Lo Scarabeo

Friday, August 19, 2016

At odds

For whatever reason this Knight is dressed for show.  Is he returning from battle and got all cleaned up to present himself to Court after a victory?  In his finest battle armor to deliver a message to a neighboring kingdom or to win the affections of some fair maiden?   
Whatever, there is dissension in this Knight.  His horse is facing one direction and he is looking off in another.  That horse is facing home and the Knight it seems, doesn't want to return.

This is how I am at times my thoughts and actions at odds with each other.  My head and heart are not in alignment and then either nothing gets done or what is done is a real mess.  Sometimes I get stuck and all my motivation seems to have drifted off like whispers in the wind.  Some say just do anything to get yourself going.  Yet if you are going to do something, might as well do it well instead of running willy nilly, so I just sit and wait for inspiration as to the next move.

I can't figure out what is with that growth out of his helmet.  Laurel Leaves for the coming celebration of victory or a cancerous growth because of the disharmony.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A penny earned is a penny saved

If this is the promise of retirement, forget about it.  Work hard all your life and save and then you can do what?  Something is a amiss in this Ten of Pentacles.  He has saved his pennies for comfort in his old age, a rainy day, and other possible future events and now the future is upon him and all he can do is put his efforts on display?

I think it is all for show, maybe a diversionary tactic.  I think his real wealth is tied at his waist.  He has in his pouch that what is most important and he has a knife tied in his belt to defend that which is his. 

I best be on my toes for any misdirection that may come my way today.

The Tarot of Durer ~ Lo Scarabeo

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This card of Justice is just too busy for me.  It is the first deck I have seen Justice as the eighth major.  I am not sure you can find balance or the middle ground right after a Chariot ride.  Why is Justice wearing shackles?  Is there a reason one wing is shadowed?   I see the sleeping dog at her feet and wonder can justice be found by just allowing a sleeping dog lie?
At the base of her feet is Est modus in rebus ~ There is a proper measure in things, ie., the golden mean should always be observed.   Simply - moderation in all things. Moderation might bring balance, but can it really be Justice?

The Tarot of Durer - Lo Scarabeo

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Don't fall of the edge

I have issues with the concept of omnipotent masculine deity.  GOD.  I know that statement will cause gasps of concern and disbelieve, but there it is.  In this massive unending universe, and there are so many more than this one, can one being have a hand on it all?

And yet, quite often I refer to this authority figure as God.  Maybe it comes from my Catholic heritage.  Maybe I use God as accepted phraseology.  Maybe God is easier than God, Goddess, Infinite, Infinite Divine, Source, Budda, Mohammed, All that is.
Maybe it goes back to that which was summed up by my friend Sharyn Mallow Woerz "I don't trust old men who think they know better.  Beware that angelic pose...Behind it is eons of lies."

Who is taking care of Mother Earth, since the World's population is not doing such a good job of it?   Quite possibly GOD>

The Tarot of Durer ~ Lo Scarabeo

Monday, August 15, 2016

Cut the mustard

I have drawn another nine card today.  Another reminder of some state of completion.  This gal is ambivalent about her success.  Eight of the coins are on display, yet the one just completed is hidden.  It is bigger and better than her other finished pieces and yet...

Can I ever be really happy with the a job well done.  Once completed, I automatically think okay on to the next task, job, client.  Can I allow myself some time of contemplation and acknowledge 'job well done' and be okay with it?  I did this today, what can I do tomorrow?   All of it is meaningless unless I can anchor myself in my own quiet moments and say 'good enough' and then just let if be.
Maybe a rephrase...I can allow myself some time to enjoy 'job well done."  
There is more to it than just,success for success.

The Tarot of Durer  ~  Lo Scarabeo

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Be careful what you wish for

I have been thinking the last couple of days of those " haves and haves not."  This card reveals just such a thing.  Wishing for a thing and then getting it can become a harness.  To some, this innkeeper has it all and he thought so too when he wished for it.  Now he has long days, constant backbreaking work, and endless things he has to do.

Those five cups on the shelf and five doves in the cage give me pause for thought.  Those doves can fly at anytime since the cage door is open and those five cups above his head brings to mind the typical five of cups image, despair at loss and inability to see there is still more to life.  He could walk away at anytime, but then he would be a 'have not' so he stays with it.
Do we do that, stay with what we know and allow that security to limit our lives?

The other thought is up in the corner looks like a old Pangaea World Map, the way the Earth's land mass was millions/billions of years ago....

The Tarot of Durer -Manfredi Toraldo & art by Giacinto Gaudenzi
                                 Lo Scarabeo

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Yesterday as reported by a local news station; in a town nearby, a police officer noticed a younger boy who was out trying to get people to buy some of his toys.  The police officer questioned the boy who was approximately seven as to where is parents might be and why is was selling his toys.  The boy responded that he was hungry and needed money so he could eat.  The police officer took the boy next door to the Subway shop and got the boy fed and listened to his story and took action to take care of this child and subsequently his four brothers at home that were also under fed and not cared for.

That boy like this fairy knew he needed help and went and asked for it.  I wondered why the people passing by this boy didn't call the police in the first place to get this child some help.
How often do others and myself avert our eyes to something troublesome?
I work at being more compassionate and still find myself lacking.  Today I will be on the lookout for just such a situation and help if I can, and if I find myself in a predicament I will remember to ask for some assistance. 

FAIRY Tarot Cards - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine
Illustrations by Howard David Johnson

Friday, August 12, 2016

Easy does it

I have rounded the corner of my cold, or it feels like it this morning.  One week of misery.  I believe the fairies have sprinkled some of their magical dust on me and I can get back to my everyday doings.
I have not felt like doing much of anything and have pretty much allowed myself to rest, which is a change.  For a better part of my years I would just marshal through those sick days and if I couldn't, I fretted about all the work not done.  Not this time, just let it pile up like these books.  I did what was absolutely necessary this week and nothing else. 
"Find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck."


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Today I am presented with the book of Secrets.  It's those side notes that have caught my attention this morning. I don't see books with side notes; little bits of information that may or may not pertain to what is the main body of written words.  I do see them all the time on my computer.

With increasing frequency side notes are popping up everywhere in our online lives.  You barely view a page of something, especially some item for sale and almost immediately ads for those very things you researched show up on side notes.  My/our cyber footprint.  It reminds me of the book 1984.  Where every move and thought you did and had was tracked by the secret police.  Telescreens were everywhere in Oceania as they are now and they are in our homes. 
There are no secrets anymore.  Our lives are an open book and those side notes are the reminder now that Big Brother is always watching.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
  But I have promises to keep,
  And miles to go before I sleep,
  And miles to go before I sleep."  Stopping by Woods on Snowy Evening-Poem by Robert Frost

Looking at this card I have lots of thoughts and lots of questions.  The imagery almost overwhelms me today.  I could spend the next couple of hours writing on all that speaks to me in this card. 
I will stay with one thought though, silent observation.  And yet, the King's eyes are closed, so can I be observant if I am not looking?  That reminds me of the anagram of silent - listen.  Which makes me think of a line in a movie quoted by a blind man, "if you could see what I hear."
It is going to be one of those days, that everything I think, do, see, and say will lead me in five different directions.  OH MY!


Tuesday, August 9, 2016


There is more to Life than meets the eye.  Success is usually not just accomplished on our own.  Family, friends, coaches, books, and fairies can help along the way.  The way to what I ask?  This rider is carrying a flag with an insignia of the Dancer in the traditional World card, so my way through this life.  Things to do, to learn, to experience; it is a journey.  This card hints at some recent success.

 I found it curious that there are twelve fairies in this card after drawing the 12-Awakening card yesterday(there are no coincidences).  This gal is no fairy but has ridden to the forest land to show her appreciation of the support that has helped in her success of a recent endeavor.  I think she rides alone because she is aware that others are not yet ready to believe in other worldly beings.
This card reminds me that there is magic and support all around me and I need to take the time to be aware and grateful.

FAIRY Tarot - Virtue, Valentine, & Johnson

Monday, August 8, 2016

Strike a pose

 Looking at this card I thought now why does a fairy have to hang upside down when they can just fly upside down.  The fairy is actually doing a handstand.  Still getting a different perspective on the whole thing I gather.  Or maybe just doing the handstand cause he can.  Not everybody gets into the whole inversion thing, yogi practices, or upending ourselves.The other thing I noticed was his halo, his glow of enlightenment I suppose.
I came across an article the other day that talked about decalcification of the pineal gland.  When the pineal gland is open and soft the individual tends to be more enlightened. I can't see auras though they are there I am sure; they are just not in my field of vision.  Maybe if one stood on their head....


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back to bed

I have a cold this morning.  Blah a Summer cold.  I have a open house to do later and several other things to attend to.  Unlike this fairy I don't think I can keep them all going today.  Today it is a two aspirin kind of day and call me in the morning. 

I never could remember, is it feed a cold - starve a fever, or vise versa?

FAIRY Tarot -Illustrations by Howard David Johnson
Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Saturday, August 6, 2016


'One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
And four to go'
If I had to place a bet, I would I would place it on this Prince of Winter(Knight of Swords)

Talk about alleviating boredom.  This fairy had enough of sitting around waiting for Spring and decided to get out and have an adventure.  Woo Wee!  
There was a little cold front that passed through the area yesterday; today and tomorrow promises to me a bit milder with low humidity.  Best get out and enjoy it before the the blistering nineties return next week. 
I will leave all the work on my desk and get out and play.  Have a fab Saturday everyone.

FAIRY Tarot -Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, & Howard David Johnson

Friday, August 5, 2016

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My first impression of this card was of Cinderella and her mean, wicked stepmother.  Obviously one is opulently dressed and the other gal is in rags.  This Four of Autumn traditionally is the four of pentacles.  The companion booklet describes as ' A fairy of abundant gifts looks into a mirror but sees only lack.  Her viewpoint of her own situation is skewed by her fear.'

There are days when I look in the mirror and know that I got it all going on, got the world by the tail.  Then the other days I look in the mirror and think, yee gads.  I think that happens to all us from time to time.  There are other times though I look in the mirror and see my Mother, not just the reflection, because with time I look more and more like her, but I see a lot of her fears and worries etched in my face. 
Forget about it.  Today I am the fairest of them all.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, Howard David Johnson

Thursday, August 4, 2016


The Oracle of Delphi was what came to mind when drawing the card.  Which is a place not a person.  I did a quick online search and the place was an ancient temple of Apollo.
This queen really feels like the High Priestess and there is something up with that pointing finger?

 I love a good mystery.  There are people who pass through my life that are more than they seem.  A mystery.  If I am lucky I get to spend some time with them and try to discern what really makes them tick.
I was intrigued by that pointing finger so the only thing I could think of was to draw the next card on top of deck and set it to the right of this Mystic.  It was the card named Ego (The Devil). Interesting.
I always liked the term the devil made me do it. He was the trickster in our house as a child that was also named 'I don't know' who now everyone uses to blame whatever on the with the acronym...idk.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's all good

I don't think I would ever be happy living in a castle.  I would choose the hobbit home built in to the side of the hill surrounded by the flowers.  I am not sure if this couple lives in castle and needed to get out of there for awhile or they live in the gardeners cottage and are celebrating that they don't live in the castle.  They stand taller than most fairies, definitely larger in scale than the gal tending her daffodils yesterday. 
Just thinking about living in that great big place, all the work that goes into maintenance, dusting, and property taxes.  Nope not for me. Give me the easier pace of life.   Something different for everyone that's what keeps it all interesting. 

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

FAIRY Tarot Cards

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bugger that

It's the little things in Life that can be either blessings or undoings.   This little fairy gardener is out in her field of daffodils and thankfully she has her ladybug companions to help her rid the garden of pests.

Those tiny 'what ifs' can be my undoing.  Those nagging little doubts of insecurity is what gets me in the end. We do the best that we can and still something can go wrong.  A lot of the time we lay the blame on ourselves and in reality no one really is to blame.  Bugs are bugs and do their thing and sometimes things just happen for no rhyme or reason. This card is traditionally the nine of wands and I can envision the guy in RWS with the bandage on his head who has beating his head on the wall.
I remember the bumper sticker in the seventies "shit happens." I was tickled when quoted in the movie FOREST GUMP.  And you know what; sometimes it just does.

FAIRY Tarot Cards -  Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Monday, August 1, 2016

No more corners for me

While growing up one of the favored forms of punishment was being stood in the corner.  Where standing we could contemplate our wrong doings.   The punishment time spent facing the wall could be ten minutes to an hour. 

Sometimes I self impose a time out, become a prisoner of a mindset.  An isolation for some perceived wrong or at least not right thingy I have done.  Old habits die hard.
 I can easily step from this ice floe to the next and release myself.
I am much better these days and can say to myself ," well that didn't go well."  Examine it for what it was and let it go. 
Life is just to damn short to spend all my time in 'time out.'
It's a new month and time for a fresh start.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine