Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Message Received

After contemplating the "re" words yesterday, of course then everything I read or wrote I saw all these words beginning with re...responsibilities, reserves, rehearse, rehash, react, rejection, reversed.
Just a few more in addition to yesterday "re" list.  Then I started to re-look at the words with out the re attached.  Just an exercise that allows me to enjoy the written word.

This feels like a message was received - think of the eight of wands and all those wands flying through the air, and now what to do with that message.  Exhaustion has set in and I hear that I must accomplish one more thing to get the job done. ' Not quite done Carolyn, one more thing.'  I deal with this all the time in my sales career.  You think you have it all finished and tied up and one more *%#$ comes up. 
So for today if I get a message and have to revisit or revise something I will try to not let it get me down.  Just do it, as the Ace of Wands I drew Sunday hints at.  When we get that message maybe that is the advice of this card, hold on to the reason you got started, the initial Ace that energized and let it revitalize me to finish.

GILDED TAROT by Ciro Marchetti


  1. If I can stay in the mindset of "this is just normal life" I can deal with the %#% that invariably comes up. :) But when I start to play the "why me?" song, I get stuck.

  2. One of the biggest lessons of my tornado trauma was moving beyond the 'why me' syndrome. With all the hardships I only asked once... Why Me? Well, why not me? I would not wish what I have gone through on anyone else. Someone would have been where I was at if it was not me, and again I wouldn't have put this on anyone else.

  3. I easily tune in with Bev's "Why me song" so to see that wand the guy is holding firmly, as the initial Ace is very encouraging to get that final thing done. Having some treats and coffee waiting for when I am done is also very helpful :)

    1. Absolutely, and let's not forget how important chocolate is as a reward for well done! And thinking of chocolate, in just a few months the weather will turn cold and we can have it hot with marshmallows.