Wednesday, August 10, 2016


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
  But I have promises to keep,
  And miles to go before I sleep,
  And miles to go before I sleep."  Stopping by Woods on Snowy Evening-Poem by Robert Frost

Looking at this card I have lots of thoughts and lots of questions.  The imagery almost overwhelms me today.  I could spend the next couple of hours writing on all that speaks to me in this card. 
I will stay with one thought though, silent observation.  And yet, the King's eyes are closed, so can I be observant if I am not looking?  That reminds me of the anagram of silent - listen.  Which makes me think of a line in a movie quoted by a blind man, "if you could see what I hear."
It is going to be one of those days, that everything I think, do, see, and say will lead me in five different directions.  OH MY!



  1. "if you could see what I hear." Maybe turning inward to hear what you inner Carolyn is telling you might be a good idea Maybe she has some wisdom to share how to keep you calm today
    Have a peaceful day!

  2. Or maybe pause and shut off your attention to the other senses and focus on one, like a breeze on your face. Hope you have a good day!