Friday, August 19, 2016

At odds

For whatever reason this Knight is dressed for show.  Is he returning from battle and got all cleaned up to present himself to Court after a victory?  In his finest battle armor to deliver a message to a neighboring kingdom or to win the affections of some fair maiden?   
Whatever, there is dissension in this Knight.  His horse is facing one direction and he is looking off in another.  That horse is facing home and the Knight it seems, doesn't want to return.

This is how I am at times my thoughts and actions at odds with each other.  My head and heart are not in alignment and then either nothing gets done or what is done is a real mess.  Sometimes I get stuck and all my motivation seems to have drifted off like whispers in the wind.  Some say just do anything to get yourself going.  Yet if you are going to do something, might as well do it well instead of running willy nilly, so I just sit and wait for inspiration as to the next move.

I can't figure out what is with that growth out of his helmet.  Laurel Leaves for the coming celebration of victory or a cancerous growth because of the disharmony.


  1. I agree with the advice to do anything just in order to get the stagnant energy moving. Be ready for when the muse shows up.
    ( This is harder to do than to write it down, trust me I know :))

  2. oh dear. you are human. what were you thinking?

    I spent a week once on the RWS knight in the Death card. I got sidetracked by the spurs and I just KNEW armor feet didn't have spurs. Turns out sometimes it does.

  3. I wonder if the horse knows the knight has some unfinished business and needs to go back. That plant looks like some kind of succulent or cactus growing out his helmet!