Thursday, August 18, 2016

A penny earned is a penny saved

If this is the promise of retirement, forget about it.  Work hard all your life and save and then you can do what?  Something is a amiss in this Ten of Pentacles.  He has saved his pennies for comfort in his old age, a rainy day, and other possible future events and now the future is upon him and all he can do is put his efforts on display?

I think it is all for show, maybe a diversionary tactic.  I think his real wealth is tied at his waist.  He has in his pouch that what is most important and he has a knife tied in his belt to defend that which is his. 

I best be on my toes for any misdirection that may come my way today.

The Tarot of Durer ~ Lo Scarabeo


  1. his ramparts are in front of the coins, freely accessed from the outside of the gate. I think they are 'come on' coins and his is about to sell his bucket of air to the next fool that comes by.
    Gotta love the cards.

    1. You gave me this deck and I have had it out several times but it is really challenging me this week. And what is with that chained eagle? Limiting thoughts? You can go this far and no more? Those coins are like cheese in a rattrap. He is really trying to entice someone or something.

  2. A great card to remind us stuff and wealth don't always equal contentment.

  3. It does not. I think that is what the pouch at his waist indicates. Like the Fool and her knapsack.