Sunday, October 23, 2016

In the moment

Covet: to want (something you do not have) very much.

Gets us in real trouble to desire something so much that we will go to great lengths to obtain it.  Here is betrayal. The standing guardsman intention is not to protect but to take.  At what cost?
When we covet something, there really is no satisfaction once obtained.  Items, tokens, commodities come and go.  Sure it is wonderful to have nice things.  A home, food on the table, clothes, cars, and candy, but really, things don't bring satisfaction.
Self acceptance, love, family, friends, and our community are much more important.   For today if there is a bit of snit over something I will just release the action of disagreement and let someone else have their way.

I am grateful for home, food, on the table, clothes, cars, and candy and realize all that I have is a blessing.

Lo Scarabeo  - Artwork by Severino Baraldi

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pennies from heaven

Are there truths about ups and downs?  What goes up must come down.  How is it that some people seem to be more lucky or live in harmony with the world around them than others?  Is there a tally sheet that the Universe has?

Age old questions that most of us think about and ask ourselves from time to time.  Some of the 'teachers' tell us that we are here to just enjoy ourselves, to immerse ourselves in our humanism.  Kind of hard for people who don't have two pennies to rub together.
Sometimes I get in the mindset of lack and then I look around and see how much I have and how blessed I am.  Nope not a millionaire maybe closer to a hundredaire since accident but I do really well, besides you can't take it with you.
That reminds me; collecting pennies for Unicef when I was a little girl.  Usually around Halloween we got those little white cards with slots to load and line up pennies for the poor.  Now instead of giving pennies away I collect them off the streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. All for the elusive good luck that I keep looking for.

I am grateful for loose change.  I have some I am going to roll up today and treat myself to a new blouse.  Thank you very much for those tossed pennies.

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot

Friday, October 21, 2016

Words of Wisdon

I still remember one the most major choices I made in my life.  I was fairly young, seven years old.  I remember lots of times when the path split and I had to make a choice this way or that.

I still from time to time seek divine guidance in my life.  Not sure I always get it, but it never hurts to ask.  Sometimes I get no answer and I am sure it is because I might have ignored the last advice I was given so now I have to muddle through and finish what I started.
Both these individuals have their palms open and in a questioning pose.  I think he is asking her "why not me" and she is asking something beyond, "should I or shouldn't I" 
Do we give our choices away so we don't have to be responsible?  I have asked this question of myself many times.  Mostly I choose, but there are times....
This week I have seen some iconic figures in the cards and it feels like all the messages are about a choice and being comfortable or okay with my decision.  Feels like I am being given some ethereal advice.  I am being prepared, I think, for one of those major life choices.
I am grateful for the guidance and advice so I can choose what is best for me. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Watch where you step

We are what we do.
We do what we are.

This person doesn't want to change.  Just now I am thinking of the advice the Emperor wanted to give me yesterday.  Sometimes we just have to go through the trials and errors of our own to figure it out.
Just about a month ago on September 22 with Equinox, I drew a spread and the center card was the Seven of Wands expressed a bit differently, so I think I need to give this card a bit more consideration today as it pertains to my day to day things during the Autumn.  I wonder why she/he has chosen to wear different shoes?   Haven't figured that one out yet.  Maybe the different shoes goes back to figuring out those things that work or don't work for me - trials and errors.

                                                                  The Autumnal Spread

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot
The Gaian Tarot

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oh all right.

No matter what image is crafted for The Emperor, this is the flash image that my minds eye sees when he makes his appearance.  The RWS deck was not the first deck that I worked with, but it is the one that I have spent the most time with.

Another strong archetype.  The Devil yesterday and The Emperor today.   Maybe they are brothers -  Zeus, Hades, and the third Poseidon, who I am sure will show up and make his point.  Both the emperor and the devil look directly at me to try to pin me with their gazes.  I don't do well with authoritative figures so I have a tendency not to take bossy advice. 
Today I will obey the rules because I think the advice this emperor is trying to tell me is spot on.  "for once Carolyn just do as I say"
If he would just say 'recommend' instead of 'say' I wouldn't get my hackles up.
Reminds me not to cut my nose off in spite of my face.  Ha

Today I am grateful that I can still choose the direction of my days.

The Rider Waite-Smith Tarot

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

trick or treat

Such an iconic figure, The Devil.   So many things and situations attributed to the symbolism. Restrictions, limitations, excuses, weakness, evil, debauchery.  I was introduced to the devil in my youth through my Catholic upbringing.  He holds no sway with me now.

When I see the word devil I automatically think of the word reversed, lived.  I wonder is that how this figure was named.  Someone sometime back in history thought how can we control the masses?  Through mystification of course and who or what can we scare them with to keep them from living their own lives.  Living - lived - devil.  Within the word devil is lie and lied.  The devil is a lie.
We can also find vile, evil, veil, vie, live and die.
He didn't make a mess of it, he didn't make me do it,  he isn't responsible for the details, and the disguise he supposedly wears is just us being human.  So we can make a mess of things, doesn't make us bad.

I am grateful for my early education.  Heaven and Hell played a big part of the those years of study.  Now I choose.


Monday, October 17, 2016

One more please

I wonder how many are affected by the influence of a Full Moon.  The one overhead the last few nights has been extraordinary. 

This Eight of Cups doesn't feel like walking away from anything; more like in search of something else.  If the the nine of cups is joy, satisfaction, and a happy sense of completion, this eight of cups feels like the search for the one more thing to make me happy. 
I can't decide if it is a negative or positive quest.  The suggestion of the nine of cups says positive.  Do I really need to search for one more thing to make me happy?  Maybe. 
Yesterday I went to a little Unity Church in the neighborhood.  The moderator's topic was compassion, mostly for ourselves.  There was this little handout that was a self-graded questionnaire she asked all to do.  I did not.  When she saw that I was not participating, she questioned me on it and seemed a bit annoyed with me.  After the service she stopped me and asked me and I told her I didn't feel like validating or invalidating myself with the questionnaire.  (it was not how I wanted to fill my extra cup yesterday)