Thursday, June 21, 2018


Floating along on the current.

Nothing particular to say.  Just drifting along.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Deep Knowing

When a time has come.

When you know you just know.
Tuned in
Tapped in

Wisdom of the Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

Monday, June 18, 2018


Can there be a middle ground if you have detached from the situation?

Temperance.  I don't really understand Temperance; the depictions are too abstract for me.  I like a little more direct. To temper, to blend, to find a middle ground.  What?  I look at cards on either side of a card to help decipher or understand what message the card may bring to me.  I have to go back to the Major Arcana to help me understand Temperance.  With the Hanged Man and Death one side of Temperance and The Devil and The Tower on the other side, that's enough to give me pause with Temperance. I guess Temperance is the middle ground between all the turmoil of those cards or situations.  Still, can one be detached amongst that turbulence?

The Linestrider's Journey

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Did you see that?

Hope springs eternal

Bald eagles have been spotted in our area.  The Hoosier National Forest is about an hour from here and I believe a nest or two has recently been recorded.  New territories are being explored and settled nearby.  The Ohio River would be a natural draw for these majestic birds that fish and hunt in open waterways.  See we can learn!  Near extinction people believed the dire warnings and responded. 
Given a bit of information today I will lean to the notion that it is the truth and not a bit of 'fake news'

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot - Siolo Thompson

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Information Please

Messages Received

I began my week with this page -'Messengers and Messages' and my advice to me was not to ignore any messages. I can think of three received. The first, I decided to sign up with a health coach for a few months to help me help me.  Second was my wonderful niece at the tender age of 26 is suffering symptoms similar to MS; she has a visit scheduled with a neurologist in a few weeks, and third I was watching a Cheryl Richardson video replay and one thing for consideration was to start experiencing Life instead of trying to conquer it - how many Summers, Falls, Winters, and Springs do I have left? Unknown. So time to be really present and enjoy because they are not limitless.
All three have impacted me.  The first, I was done with self help gurus and books, but Kris Carr's message has struck a note.  Who would expect a vibrant, young, healthy 26 old  to have issues, especially someone close to me?  It can't happen, Right? And I have never cared for Cheryl Richardson, but watched her anyway.
A new Summer is upon me and I am going to immerse myself.

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot - Siolo Thompson

Friday, June 15, 2018

Best laid plans

Something is just wrong here.

Best laid plans of mice and men (and rabbits) often go awry.  The rabbit hutch has been built too small.  I can make all kind of plans and often they don't work out; like this rabbit hutch.  Someone built a structure thinking baby bunnies and got the giant sized version.  Sometimes we draft or make plans and they take a long while to get started and longer to finish and once completed the person or project is so different from the original point of projection, the design no longer works. Who I am today is different than when I started this year and by year's end, even a bit more changed. 
Before I make long term plans of a sort, best to consider if I truly think if they will work me 1-5 years down the road?

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Remember when

I often see the Six of Cups as nostalgia, which is what a lot of the Tarotist apply to this card.  Following the Five of Cup's indecision of what to give up, the Six brings me to a place down the road, across that bridge, where I can remember and not hurt any more over the choice that I made.  In the six we can share the joy and sorrow and still be okay with it and ourselves.  
There is always more, but for the moment I am picking up those couple of cups and crossing the bridge.

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Give it a rest

'I am willing to release the need to be right.'

The above was the affirmation on my calendar for today.  'I am willing to release the need to be right.'  That is a pretty big challenge for me.  I have spent a lot of time in my books over the years so I consider myself pretty well informed on lots of This n That. But I guess being right all the time isn't everything.  The depiction of this knight and all the swords he has collected or won off of others in battles and tournaments is a bit sorrowful and definitely lonely.  For today if I am confronted with another I will give the challenge a pass, and go along my merry way.  Who needs another sword anyway!

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Ready to step down, walk away.

I have been working the better part of 45 years and if you include paper delivery and corn detasseling, it is more like 50.  I am tired of standing my ground and hanging in there.  That fox and goose making threatening and loud noises are the ones in my head saying "never give in."  I would like to have a quiet two weeks where my phone was not ringing or people demanding my time and attention...But then when that does happen as it had  during the economic down-turn, ten years ago, I was desperate that anyone would 'honk' at me, call me please...Never satisfied, never happy.  At least while I listen to noises of doubt and fear in my head.

The Linestrider's Journey - Tarot

Monday, June 11, 2018


Makes me want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

I pulled the King of Wands, and thought omg, who is going to show up today and try to boss me around?  So I placed him back in the deck reshuffled and searched him out and the companion card travelling with him - The King of Pentacles.  Two kings tag teaming me today!  Why even bother?  I don't like to be bossed or told what to do, so I might as well call it a day before I even start. Well I really can't do that with an appointment in an hour, so I will do my best when confronted. 
Both of these kings even have a really stern countenance, yikes!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Read the fine print

Messengers and Messages

The card's advice, do not ignore any messages that may arrive. 

Yesterday I watched two movies at home on my lazy day Saturday.  I don't really know why I watched either movie as they were - point and click choices.  Both movies were really sad commentaries on a woman's life and her final act of desperation, committing suicide. One set in 1912 and the other 2017.  I occasionally watch a movie here and there, but two with same the conclusion?  An unhappy coincidence or something more.  I wondered were the women victims of circumstances, carried on to a desperate conclusion or a commentary to pay attention to the things we do that may have an unhappy impact on the life of another?  Something I am sure my mind now having received will continually hypothesize over the next few days and maybe beyond.

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Traditional card - The Devil

Ego, we all need one, just one that is not out of control. The one fairy, has scrolls of Fear and Blame and the other the tablet of Guilt.  Those are the driving forces of Ego out of whack.  I tell myself I pretty much keep my wild ego-self in check and then I find myself berating a dumb driver who cuts me off, tell myself constantly that I know more than others I work with, and question the sanity of many.  Guess "The Devil made me do it!"   No it's me.  As long as I point my finger at others the less time there is less time for me to look in the mirror and point my finger at me.

The Fairy Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine