Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Look See

What did you want to do when you grew up?

A few weeks ago I was asked this question from a younger person; who at the age of thirty is having an identity crisis with the career he has chosen and trained for.  My answer was "to make money."  I wanted to make money, that is all I could think of when I was a teenager.  Money so scarce in my childhood home.  We were poor by many standards, so money was the beacon.  Not my siren call, just money, and I have been chasing the dollar every since.  Not having money can make me unhappy but I have also discovered, having money won't make me happy either.   I like having extra funds available to me, but I am still the same gal who finds my life lacking.  From where I stand, like this pentacle fairy I am looking to what is next.

The Good Tarot - Colette Baron-Reid

Friday, May 25, 2018


Pearl of Wisdom

I actually drew the High Priestess again this morning and after a bit I decided to replace her back in the deck and find her again with her companion card...The Four of Water(Cups).  The mermaid is offering me a Pearl of Wisdom, something to consider.  Will I take the pearl or piece of advice that will be offered to me today?  Perhaps a High Priestess will offer that pearl. 
I flipped over and did a search of Pearls of Wisdom and a site popped up that looks pretty interesting with bits of this and that and pearls of wisdom, so later today when I finish my work-a-day life, I might spend some time in research.
I love mermaids.

The Good Tarot

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Quiet introspection

It's all in the eyes

The eyes really are the gateway to the soul, the inner workings of most of us.  Reminds me of lyrics to a song, "you say so much when you say nothing at all." 
Sometimes I say nothing at all because it is the kind thing to do.  At those times if others truly stopped and took a look they would know that my mind is processing something that might be better off unsaid.   I wonder if that is one of reasons people can't hold a gaze of another for long, afraid what they may see or afraid of what others might see in their gaze.

The Good Tarot - Colette Baron-Reid

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pause a moment

What? another King? 

"Balls said the queen, if I had them I'd be king."  -  I have been hearing this quote off and on for the last couple of weeks in my head and again, just now when I drew this king.  I drew the king of wands yesterday and now today the king of pentacles. Guess I better watch my mouth today if I encounter some grizzly ole king and his nasty temperament, I might just utter that quote out loud.

The Good Tarot - Colette Baron-Reid

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sharpen the wits

"Now, lets think about this."

King of Wands are usually active, the let's go get 'em type.  This King has done his years out in service and wants to ponder the pursuit.  Unlike the King of Wands in the Rider Waite-Smith deck who sits on the edge of his throne, ready to leap into action, this King of Fire(Wands) appears contemplative.  Do not be deceived; his mind is razor sharp. Come closer and you can almost hear the wheels of action turning in his brain. 
Usually when a court card appears I encounter that type of individual that day, so for today I will keep an eye out for this placid looking king and know it will be a contest of wits and not the actual chase that he/she is looking for.

The Good Tarot - Colette Baron-Reid

Monday, May 21, 2018

Butterfly Effect

A wing and a prayer.

I recently read something about the Butterfly Effect.  The flapping of a butterfly's wings that can become a hurricane somewhere else.  A small change can result in a large difference elsewhere.  Something to think on.  Sometimes we may think our life doesn't sum up to much, but we never know when a kind or harsh word made a difference.
Reminds me a quote by Dwayne Dyer
"you can be right or you can be kind, be kind."

The Good Tarot - Colette Baron-Reid

Sunday, May 20, 2018

This n That

Road Map

The Ace of Earth (Pentacles) jumped from the deck this morning, and I drew the Nine of Cups as the companion card. First I noticed the stark difference in the colors of the two cards. The Ace shrouded in bleak brown, and the Nine awash in delicate hues of aqua.
In my birth chart I remember a astrologer said look for balance.  I have lots of Earth and Fire, and almost no Water.  Maybe that is what draws me to return to the Ocean.

The GOOD Tarot -Colette Baron-Reid

Friday, May 18, 2018


Following Your Bliss

I got nothing.  My days lately have been a bit humdrum.  Boring in fact.  Now if a Unicorn were to ride in, that would liven things up a bit.  I wonder what delicious tidbits unicorns like, maybe I can set a dish of treats out and bring one close by.  I read somewhere recently that dragons are still alive in Romania, I wonder if the Unicorns also retreated to a safe place.  Maybe they followed their bliss and found the perfect place for them, not just a retreat but an oasis.
Guess I won't find mine sitting at home.

Gateway Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Debt Paid Off

There are more debts than just financial ones.
There comes a time when enough is enough.  Some debts cannot be repaid.  After my tornado experience there were many that contributed to my recovery, financially and emotionally.  Can I repay that?  I have tried, and realize that now all I can do is pay it forward.  There were some that expected something back and others were there because they wanted to, with no expectation of a return.  I am just about free from my own-self imposed expectations on repayment. Thank goodness.

Magical Messages of the fairies.  Doreen Virtue

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Research - see-sea

Do Some Research

One of my great love affairs in life, books.  I am particularly interested in that small book the fairy has.  I don't think I have seen such a small book. Possibly a very small book of fairy secrets; maybe a bit of this 'n that on fairy magic. I could use some of that.
I was looking at the word research which has so many words with in.  The two that I first spotted was reach and chase. There are many more so I realize that the word research is a little book in itself.  For today perhaps I will take a second look at something rather than a quick glance.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Get a move on!

Moving and Grooving

If you don't use it, you lose it.  This does not just pertain to the body.  Our minds and feelings and spirit can become inflexible, as well as our bodies if we don't keep them active.  The body, mind, and spirit trinity.  Keeps us whole and functioning.  Something goes amiss with one portion of the equation, well there goes the rest of the system. Get the body going and the spirit and mind will follow. 

Magical Messages of the Fairies

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Light hearted hopes


What an enchanting card.  "Everything that you're asking for becomes yours in the summertime."  The big caveat here is to  be careful what I ask for. 

Well let me get my list started. 

MAGICAL MESSAGES from the Fairies - Doreen Virtue

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Squeeze Play

Well earned time out.

This is a pretty laid back King of Wands.  Where's the hustle bustle, the strong assertiveness that this King usually portrays?  It is there, just beneath the surface.  Completely assured with himself, so much so he doesn't have to prove anything anymore. 
I work with a King of Cups that acts like a King of Wands but you can see the insecurity beneath the bravdo.  Not so with this King.  He knows his business and he knows you know. 
Good advice for us all.  Know your stuff and your confidence helps you relax and be this kind of self-assured. The other day some one quoted Wayne Dyer and said he said "what do you get when you squeeze an orange - orange juice of course."  Then he said "pay attention to what you get when someone gets squeezed hard and then you know what they are really made of."  Or something like that.  I really like that analogy. 

The Green Witch Tarot