Sunday, July 31, 2016

Run that by me again

I am enchanted by the white tiger cub.  That's is where my focus keeps returning to when I look at this card.  White tigers are pretty rare, so the best I can figure is this Ace of Winter(Swords/Air) is offering me something new to think about.  I have mentioned before the school of thought is that we have fifty to sixty thousand thoughts a day and most of those are the same as the day before.  So perhaps I will be offered something new to think about today and if so really give it some real attention. 

"A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all."  -Georges Bernanos

FAIRY Tarot ~ Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine
Illustrations by Howard David Johnson

Saturday, July 30, 2016


It was reported earlier this week that the lava flow from Kilauea reached the sea.  The island of Hawaii is a bit bigger this week.  The flow started back in May and finally reached the Pacific Ocean.  Time marches on. 

I acted kind of like a mountain this week.  Firm and resolute about a issue.  A slight injustice that I would not be a party to, even for the sake of family. 
Doesn't make me happy and not necessarily right.  Just own perspective.
Time marches on.

CELTIC Lenormand.

Friday, July 29, 2016


'That dog won't hunt.'  That is the the thought that came to me when I drew this card.  That dog is looking over at me and her expression relays the same thought.  It is that sideways glance that we give and get, that conveys a bit of disbelieve at something just heard or seen.  Really?

I will keep this in mind today as others come across my path.  Listen to what they have to say but be forewarned that there maybe mischief in their words or actions. 

CELTIC Lenormand Chloe McCracken Will Worthington

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Where did I lose that minute?

Ahh the Sun.  Today it is going to rain all day.  A bit of respite from the blistering nineties plus of the last several weeks, and the humidity feels almost at one hundred percent.  So the cloud cover is a nice blessing and rain makes not much difference since we were damp with all the humidity.

It is just a little over a month since the Summer Solstice.  It is just beginning to be noticeable with the approach of the evening a little earlier each day.  As the season rambles on and the Earth turns we are 'losing' a minute or so of daylight each day.  Next month a bit more, September maybe two minutes a day.  Soon the Sun will be sitting lower in the sky and the days much shorter with the changing of the Seasons. 
The schools started back this week which feels like things are out of sync.  It was after Labor Day when I return to the school room in my youth, it was almost Fall then.  So when I hear the Summer is over...What? there are almost two months left.  Guess it is how you look at your calendar of  events.  For me I will watch the placement of the Sun in the sky.

CELTIC Lenormand 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

signs in nature

"I'm looking over a four leaf clover
That I overlooked before
First is the sunshine, the second is rain,
Third is the roses that bloom in the lane."   Written in 1927 by Dixon & Woods.

This reminds me of Bev's comment the other day, "One year I walked the same way every day (about a mile or so), and challenged myself to find something new or different every day. It made me look beyond what I expected to find to see what was actually there."

I love finding four leaf clovers.  Occasionally one just pops up before my eyes.  I get a lovely happy rush; a flush that runs through my whole system at finding the lucky portent.
Sometimes the magic is in the little things.  I spoke yesterday of hitting it big with the Lottery, but you know I enjoy finding the occasional, four leaf clover, pennies, nickels, and dimes, and let me find a piece of folding money and my day is complete. Whew Hoo!  So while I await my pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, I will indulge myself in the little bits of everyday magic.
Also maybe take the time to gather some clover flowers and make me a little circlet or necklace. 

CELTIC Lenormand - Chloe McCracken & Will Worthington

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pair of Sevens

I drew the hens again today from the Celtic Lenormand deck.  I really wasn't sure they had anything else new to say to me with all their chattering, clucking, and gossiping.  So I reshuffled and went looking for them and the card following to give clarity.
-They can talk until hell freezes over and it won't change my mind-
Yep that's what came to me.

If you don't agree with some people they just start shouting at you, like that is going to get you to listen or agree with them.  Louder is better right?   Then others go out of their way to try to make you wrong, cause if you are wrong then, they got to be right.  Right?  Or a third alternative is to just ignore you and you will go away, making them right.  Who doesn't deal with this from time to time. I don't argue or engage in it or at least try not to, if you argue with a fool or idiot you just come out it of looking and feeling bad.  Until Hell freezes over...

CELTIC LENORMAND -Chloe McCracken & Will Worthington

Monday, July 25, 2016

Chicken scratch

Everyday, work-a-day goings on.  Most days are a repeat scenario of the day before.  I wonder what these three gals have to gossip about, when all things are pretty much the same.  Is that what gossip is about?  Inventing and or sharing bits of information that gives a lift to the day.  I remember a bit of wisdom my dad had a habit of saying, "believe none of which you hear and only half of what you see."

I work on my own most days.  My home office is easy, convenient, and I don't have to pay the company an additional fee for space usage.  Besides I don't socialize well with most of the other sales reps.  Don't like 'em.  I can't work at the hard brisk pace that I used to and in sales it is usually about the next transaction.  There is a meeting today at office just about that; how to boost your production level, some new competition and strategy. Should I go?  Will I go?   After twenty years in this biz I have heard all the rah rah rah, sis boom bah I can take.  I just don't have anything in common with that group of chickens anymore.I hear that 'should'  and know, not to should all over myself.

CELTIC Lenormand - Chloe McCracken & Art work by Will Worthington

Sunday, July 24, 2016


This week I choose the Celtic Lenormand Cards.  The booklet suggests reading the cards in pairs to give further depth.  I drew the top two cards and then a third card presented itself.  I have pondered these cards for a bit and the best I can come up with is simplistic at best.  Change is on its way, possible swift change to the work that I do; that which brings me income. 
When the change comes, best think about what really anchors me in the here and now.  That's it, that's all I got.  Maybe I will add an addendum to this later today as I give them more consideration.

CELTIC Lenormand, Written by Chloe McCracken - Artwork by Will Worthington

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Somewhere out there

Last night I went to the Star Trek movie, STAR  TREK BEYOND.  I really enjoyed it.  This is the fiftieth year for Star Trek.  Fifty years ago Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise took us out to space 'the final frontier'  I was nine years old and captivated.  I had a bit of a crush on Spock and being a fickle girl I switched alliances to Scotty.
The picture is a shot from the International Space Station last year of the Northern Lights.  What if it is not just magnetic resonance interaction with solar influences, but a beacon to the crew of the Enterprise, and Scotty can really come back and find me and 'beam me up'.
Still a bit of the dreamer and the enchanted, fickle girl remains. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Ursa Major

I purposefully selected this card today.  The Bear.  The county to west of the area I live, a bear has been spotted roaming about this week.  Whew Wee!  The local news and FB has had daily accounts to keep us all informed.  The local police and reps from the Department of Natural Resources has been tracking and monitoring the Bear.   The DNR has speculated that the bear crossed into Indiana from Kentucky. (did it use a bridge?) We have all been warned not to feed the bear and to keep our distance.  It is like Yellowstone out there; people driving everywhere to get a glimpse of the Bear.  I mean this is big. It is only the second sighting of a bear in Indiana in the last one hundred years.
It has been a nice respite from the political crappola and all the other drama that usually is reported.   
Here is to the Bear.  Long may she/he roam.

                                                              Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shake it all about

"You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out
  you put your right foot in and you shake it all about.
  You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about
   that's what it's all about."

When I saw this card I thought ' I need to start a exercise program.'  This gal is in her workout garb and is on top of a huge balance ball.  I thought where do I, how do I, what do I do to get started and the Hokey Pokey song popped in my head.  Something as simple as putting my right foot in will get me started.  Forget the all those hard pressed workout videos and just get up and do simply things or the silly Hokey Pokey routine.
I don't have to make it harder than it has to be.
One foot in front of the other is all it takes.

GATEWAY Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fashion sense

Not really sure what, if anything really comes to me about this card.  I see the caption above and the affirmation below, both of which don't seem to have any bearing on this card.
I mean really the only time a gal in her finest ball gown complete with white gloves would be riding a zebra, has to come from the dreamland.  And to top it off, there is a lantern in her left gloved hand, is it really shining any light on the matter?

In sales I come across all kinds of different.  I have to really school myself and reactions with some of them, well really a lot of them.  One of the questions that crosses my mind is "who dresses you?" of course you don't have to be in sales to ask that question.  But really what are some people thinking some times?  So most likely someone will cross my path today and I best be generous and do what I can to be of assistance.
Besides Life would really be boring if everyone was the same.  So go ahead and ride your zebras and dress up in whatever fashion suits your taste.  Who am I to judge?

GATEWAY Oracle Cards -Denise Linn

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Purple Wave

When I first looked at this card I thought of the Fool.  Taking the 'leap'.  I noticed that lots of interpretations of The Fool have her/him taking their leap to the left.   The action in this card is everything is leaning to the left.  This Fool is distinctively Purple. No varying shades and actually feels like she/he is in a tai chi pose, all angular.  Is this Fool bending time and going back to tell her/his younger self some important piece of insight, mystery, magic?

Quantum Physics holds the hypothesis that the flow of time -past, present, and future are all occurring at the same time.  I don't want to change my past; if I did I would not be here right at this moment pondering time.  Would I be any wiser? Ha, just different mistakes would be made.  I can go back to memories and change the way I feel about them and that might help me in the right here and now.  But go

"I said Mr Purple People Eater, what's your line?
He said eating purple people and it sure is fine.
But that's not the reason that I came to land.
I wanna get a job in a rock n roll band." ~ from song Purple People Eaters

GATEWAY Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Monday, July 18, 2016

Accepting What Is

When I signed in I noticed that my post of yesterday didn't post?  What happened?  I did what I always do and finished it up and hit publish.  Isn't that the way of things.  You think you have everything in the right order and off you go.  I had a busy day yesterday and never really got back to my computer.  Now this morning I see the little electronic elves had a bit of fun with me yesterday.

'It' happens. Who has not had something go awry?  It just happens.  No since in getting in a pinch or all twisted up.  At first glimpse this card reminded me of The Wheel of Fortune.  The non posted post is a reminder that we can do everything right and still it can turn out not right.  That's the way the wheel turns.  So for today it looks like I have a double post. 

"A lot of horrible things have happened to me.  Some of them actually happened" - Thomas Edison

GATEWAY Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

yin yang

It is high summer in the Ohio Valley.  It is not the heat so much as the humidity that really starts to do you in.  Everyone is starting to work themselves up in a real snit because the cloying heat and humidity.  It won't be long and they will be whining of the frigid bone numbing cold.  I really try to embrace the different seasons; each bring their own enchantments. To appreciate the heat we have to experience the cold.

 I drew this Starting Fresh card and noticed it was the yin yang symbol and since currently I have two packs of this deck; I got the second out and flipped the card so I also can display the reversed version.  Duality. Two halves that complete the whole.  Summer/Winter - Winter/Summer.  The balance complements each other. Without the one the other is meaningless.
 Each day is a fresh start.  Each day can be a new adventure.  Release the old and embrace the new.

Maybe I need to make peace with the differences in myself and then I might not be so restless?

GATEWAY Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Benefit of the doubt

Ahh the King of Swords.  I never really cared for this King.  I don't take kindly to people who tell me what to do. When I see him I want to say, "you are not the boss of me!"   Though, I am one those people who follow the rules, color between the lines, and like cold hard facts.

There are people who show up in my life that I can take an immediate dislike to.  No rhyme or reason.  Those are the people that may have a lesson for me.  Something in them mirrors something in me.  Behind my Queen of Pentacles facade is the King of Swords.  I can be harsh, judgemental, and talk about holding a grudge.   Compassion is the message I am getting here.  Maybe he has chronic back pain and that is why he appears so rigid.  Today I need to give others and myself the benefit of the doubt.


Thursday, July 14, 2016


Are the answers we seek within or without?  Above or below?  Do we go to specialist, doctors, healers, soothsayers, shamans, and the like to get answers that we seem unable to divine on our own?
There are a number of trainers, healers, and life coaches that use the affirmation "all I need is within me now"  and if so why do we go to them?  If I/we were born with everything we needed why do we go so much 'out' to find the answers?

I was invited to this open house of a facility that is offering alternative medicine approaches last night.  A client that I worked with a few years ago works at the facility which had expanded and they had moved to a new location and she thought that I might be interested.  The focus of this facility is 'Homeopathy & Herbal Therapy' and Ozone treatment.  They draw blood, ozone treat, and replace back in body, mega doses of some vitamins, hormones.  The focus as one doctor said is not being a pharmacy to heal the body.  Sounds good  and they are doctors right?   I am not sure.  I have pervasive and chronic pain from my trauma and do not want to live my life on pain meds but I am not sure about this either.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Comings and Goings

Cycles.  My Father used to say the only 'Constant in Life is Change'.  Or another favorite, 'The more things change the more they stay the same'.  This Ten of Pentacles feels that way to me, about change.  The tens are a shifting point, a cycle completed and then back to the Ace and a new start. 

I had lots of fun with froggies and toads yesterday and their magic wands.  Can you see it, The Wand of Magic there along the wall below the arch in the grasp of the passing individual?  Everyday magic in something as simple as shared fun with my new friends in this online blogging community. 
I have been allowing myself to get bogged down with the change that is coming in my near future and yesterday's fun reminded me not to lose the magic in the simple - everyday goings on.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


"When you wish upon a star
Makes not difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you"
~When You Wish Upon A Star  by Leigh Harline & Ned Washington for the Disney Movie PINOCCHO

That is the first thing that popped in my head when I drew this card.  Ahh the lovely wish card. I still wish upon the first star I see at night on the evenings I am outdoors.  Here at the 'Well of Wishes' I am finally beyond the walls that I have built around myself.  Here, outside of those imposed boundaries I find my most basic self and and I can really get to it...What is it that I really wish for?
I started a list yesterday and in each line there was the word "want" ---forget about it.  Want is a word of lack.  So today I am doing a list of  I AM.   More empowering and has a much better vibes than all that - wanting. 


Monday, July 11, 2016

Polarity action

This two could be all about choices.  That sphere she is holding makes me think of a 'amplification sphere'.  That's the term that popped in my head.  Something that one speaks into and then sends out into the ethers.  Or maybe a it is a received message sphere that someone has sent to me.  A different type of message device yet it seems I am somewhat familiar with it, from another time or place.

I stand at the ready for change, yet unsure what will be next.  That's the crux of choices.  This or That.  If I am unclear of what I want or need to do then how can there be change?  I think maybe speaking into the sphere with what I want and need and sending it out in to the World will help me be clear about my intentions.
At least I am not walled in.  I stand on top of the wall and realize that the world is not flat and I won't fall off the edge.

"Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." ~ White Queen  from ALICE IN WONDERLAND


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pack an extra pair

"One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go girl go"

Actually the fourth line is 'now go man go' so a bit of of deviation on my part.  Actually I could have gone with,  Now go Carolyn go.
Then that word deviation caught my attention so I looked up exact meaning - anything that varies from the accepted norm or standards.
This Chariot energy doesn't feel like its going anywhere.  Just all dressed up for show.  Now looking a bit closer I see that I am outside the city walls.  I am ready to move on.  So where to go?  I think that this card's advice to me is preparation.  Change is on its way, so I better get ready cause things are going to start happening.

RIDER WAITE SMITH Tarot -Arthur Edward Waite Pamela Coleman Smith

When I first studied the RWS cards; as with most students this deck was the go to, to get started.  I noticed Pamela Coleman Smith's artist notation is on every card and twice on one, not this one.  Interesting.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Backward glance

I don't care for the King of Swords; he is too self important and a bit judgemental.  Those old men think they know more than they do.  Can't trust them, they usually are only interested in the outcome as it pertains to them.

I wonder if I will have to change my perception of old men now that I have torn off lots of pages of calendars, and I too am a bit aged.  Is he here at the site of one of those walls he tore or knocked down and lives with some regret?  I have had this type of reflection lately.  Looking back, would I have made different choices knowing what I know now?  I realize the answer is that if a I chose different, the Carolyn I am today might not even be aware enough to ask that question, quite possibly might not have made it this far!  There are things that I don't want changed and they would have changed or not happened if I had chose differently somewhere along the line. So I am okay with my backward glance.


Friday, July 8, 2016

side trip

I wonder if this rider is out for a vision quest.  There are many places in the World that people decide to make a sacred pilgrimage.  I wonder do they travel to these places to seek answers?  To commune with the Divine?  To go there cause everyone else goes there?   Another walled place.  These people just built their homes in side of the wall of a mountain.

I never cared for the desert southwest area.  It is too dry and barren.  Life had to be challenging and still is for folks to scratch out a living in such an area.  Now with modern conveniences there is more comfort and ease but it is still so dry. 
I will take the Scottish Highlands and LochNess Monster of yesterday over this place.  Both sacred areas to the people that live in those places.   With my walls coming down in my life, where will my vision quest take me?


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Changed scenery

Well looky here.  The walls have come down.  I love the cards and the scenes that can unfold, thus telling me a story.  Now that  the wall is out of the way, what to do? What to do?  Do I do some reading on mythical lochness monsters?  Do I take a break and get out of the wind? Go for a swim, climb a mountain, go investigate that red flow? Choice is the word of the day.

I don't often draw the Seven of Cups.  All about choices, mythical or logical. Making up my mind about what is next.  That wall that I have been beating my head against is my career in real estate sales.  I should have left it at the side of the highway in 2012.  My options after the trauma were very limited.  With injuries and my age not many if any employers would hire me.  Maybe I should have taken SS disability, I was qualified.  shoulda-coulda-woulda.  Returning to sales was the best choice I could think of.  I needed to work to pay off some of the expenses of trauma, recovery, and not working for a year and half.  Tuesday July 5th, marked 6 months till my 60th birthday and standing in front of that wailing wall reminded me I just can't do this work for my remaining days.  Maybe the real choice is the leap of faith.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Yesterday's draw had me at the Wailing Wall.  It is a wall that I have hit my head on many times.  Today's card of Judgement has me again encountering walls, depicted are the Walls of Jericho. Ancient scripts and Biblical accounts have this wall totally collapsing after the wandering Isarelites marched around the walled city of Jericho and on the the seven day, either shouted or clapped and the walls fell. A account of God's will or vibrational harmonics or maybe a parable.

Anyway what do I do with the walls in my life?  Hitting my head on the wall doesn't work.  Maybe a wrecking ball that was suggested is a good alternative.  I am sure there are other choices.  A draw of Judgement sometimes can mean hearing the call or answering the call.  Then maybe today I will receive a message and that will give me the piece of the puzzle I need.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Aspirin please

How many times have I hit my head on this wall?  You can go this far, no further.  Self imposed limits. 

Today's affirmation from my desk top calendar printed by Hay House.
"Today is the beginning of a positive turning  point for me."
Instead of banging my head against the proverbial wall I have been reading on alternative possibilities for my life.
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...


Monday, July 4, 2016

Wing and a prayer

Nazca Lines in Peru, are drawings on the Earth's surface that are enormous and can only be visualized from above.

I have remembered times of astral travel.  Free and flying.  I have also watched hawks fly and then try to embrace their flights so I can see the world from their perspective.  I wonder if they are overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds as they take wing?  I can't do heights anymore, even driving up steep hills sends a rush of adrenaline through my system.  There is a remembrance of falling from the tornado and slamming back to the earth, I am sure it will remain with me throughout my days.
One of my biggest fears is I will take this trauma in to my next life and not be able to fully embrace the wonder of the world.

 SACRED SITES TAROT (Magical Places of the World)  ~ Lo Scarabeo
                                 Massimiliano Filadora Federico Penco


Sunday, July 3, 2016


I went to the library the other day and started reading a book last night by Denis Linn.  It was published in 1995 and titled, SACRED SPACE, so this morning reaching for a deck to work this week, the obvious choice was the SACRED SITES TAROT.  This ten of pentacles focus is on the City of Cibola, the myth of the seven cities of gold, precious stones, and esoteric knowledge. 

This appears to be the queen of pentacles out about and I can tell she does not want to climb those stairs.  In fact I think I heard her say "I am the Queen, and I don't have to do stairs."
We can search the world over to find the treasures that we lament that should be ours, be even then we won't be satisfied.  The sacred space or scared site is really within us.  The rest is fluff.
So today I am going to hang out in my sacred space and forget the stairs, the work, the endless pursuit of more and just relax and read my book

SACRED SITES TAROT (Magical Places of the World)  ~ Lo Scarabeo
                                 Massimiliano Filadora Federico Penco

Saturday, July 2, 2016


The booklet with The Goddess Tarot gives keywords to bring a depth of understanding to the meaning of each card.  The seven of staves keywords are:  defense, combat, and struggle.  This gal doesn't look like she got up and got dressed for conflict.  That's the way of it some days.  We get up, the Sun is shining, and it looks to be a good day.  Sometimes that not how the day goes.
I don't think there is a serious issue here, just the everyday trials and tribulations that each day can bring.  A half of dozen issues can show up unexpected and you just have to put your boots on and deal with them.  When I see this 7 it makes me wonder why the conflict when we just had all that celebration of success in the 6 preceding it.  It might come from others in a bit of snit over another's success.
Maybe that is why sometimes we need to 'speak softly and carry a big stick.'

It is the beginning of the Holiday weekend.  Maybe I will go buy some of those pop caps and if anybody tries my patience I will just snap a pop at them.  Ha

The GODDESS Tarot - Kris Waldherr

Friday, July 1, 2016

Now What?

Traditional card:  The Tower
Keywords:  confusion, difficulties, release

Other than that, I got nothing. I will play along and see how day goes.

From STAR WARS slang...There is a disturbance in the Force.

The GODDESS TAROT - Kris Waldherr