Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fashion sense

Not really sure what, if anything really comes to me about this card.  I see the caption above and the affirmation below, both of which don't seem to have any bearing on this card.
I mean really the only time a gal in her finest ball gown complete with white gloves would be riding a zebra, has to come from the dreamland.  And to top it off, there is a lantern in her left gloved hand, is it really shining any light on the matter?

In sales I come across all kinds of different.  I have to really school myself and reactions with some of them, well really a lot of them.  One of the questions that crosses my mind is "who dresses you?" of course you don't have to be in sales to ask that question.  But really what are some people thinking some times?  So most likely someone will cross my path today and I best be generous and do what I can to be of assistance.
Besides Life would really be boring if everyone was the same.  So go ahead and ride your zebras and dress up in whatever fashion suits your taste.  Who am I to judge?

GATEWAY Oracle Cards -Denise Linn


  1. I think everybody is entitled to their on taste of fashion but I also think that after a certain age we should restrict ourselves from white leggings and dresses far above the knee. It is 35 C in the Netherlands and I've seen some horrible outfits this morning in the grocery store :)

    1. Hopefully no zebras in the parking lot.

  2. I dress like a zebra (whatever set of stripes is comfortable). :D