Thursday, July 14, 2016


Are the answers we seek within or without?  Above or below?  Do we go to specialist, doctors, healers, soothsayers, shamans, and the like to get answers that we seem unable to divine on our own?
There are a number of trainers, healers, and life coaches that use the affirmation "all I need is within me now"  and if so why do we go to them?  If I/we were born with everything we needed why do we go so much 'out' to find the answers?

I was invited to this open house of a facility that is offering alternative medicine approaches last night.  A client that I worked with a few years ago works at the facility which had expanded and they had moved to a new location and she thought that I might be interested.  The focus of this facility is 'Homeopathy & Herbal Therapy' and Ozone treatment.  They draw blood, ozone treat, and replace back in body, mega doses of some vitamins, hormones.  The focus as one doctor said is not being a pharmacy to heal the body.  Sounds good  and they are doctors right?   I am not sure.  I have pervasive and chronic pain from my trauma and do not want to live my life on pain meds but I am not sure about this either.



  1. sounds like what Lance Armstrong and the other high profile bikers were doing as part of the doping findings. Interesting. How much does it cost? On the other hand...sometimes in our need for healing crackpot ideas seem like a brilliant answer.

    1. always looking for the next wonder drug. The therapies this clinic offers is not covered by insurance. The gal that invited me said some people are having amazing results and I am not sure if that is not just the placebo effect.

  2. I don't blame you for being a bit skeptical. I think I would rather hear from some people who had done the therapy rather than someone who worked there (as long as they're not paid for their endorsement!).

  3. When is seems to good to be true.....
    And I agree with Bev about the research part