Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pack an extra pair

"One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go girl go"

Actually the fourth line is 'now go man go' so a bit of of deviation on my part.  Actually I could have gone with,  Now go Carolyn go.
Then that word deviation caught my attention so I looked up exact meaning - anything that varies from the accepted norm or standards.
This Chariot energy doesn't feel like its going anywhere.  Just all dressed up for show.  Now looking a bit closer I see that I am outside the city walls.  I am ready to move on.  So where to go?  I think that this card's advice to me is preparation.  Change is on its way, so I better get ready cause things are going to start happening.

RIDER WAITE SMITH Tarot -Arthur Edward Waite Pamela Coleman Smith

When I first studied the RWS cards; as with most students this deck was the go to, to get started.  I noticed Pamela Coleman Smith's artist notation is on every card and twice on one, not this one.  Interesting.


  1. This is onethe most immobile versions of the Chariot I know! I hope a Chariot from one of your other Decks will coem along to pick you up so you can continue your journey :)

  2. I think her mark is above the white sphinx's paw. Maybe he's mentally preparing himself before he takes off. :)

    1. Maybe, I think she wants everyone to notice,'look at me, look at me.'

  3. it is hard to make out in the 4 of swords too, it is hidden in the stain glass if I remember rightly

    1. I cannot see it in the stain glass of the four of swords well maybe in that squiqqly mark below the yellow box up in right corner. Where I saw her second mark is on Justice. In the bottom right hand corner(Justice's left) and on the arm rest of the concrete chair she sets on, just below the hand rest.