Friday, July 8, 2016

side trip

I wonder if this rider is out for a vision quest.  There are many places in the World that people decide to make a sacred pilgrimage.  I wonder do they travel to these places to seek answers?  To commune with the Divine?  To go there cause everyone else goes there?   Another walled place.  These people just built their homes in side of the wall of a mountain.

I never cared for the desert southwest area.  It is too dry and barren.  Life had to be challenging and still is for folks to scratch out a living in such an area.  Now with modern conveniences there is more comfort and ease but it is still so dry. 
I will take the Scottish Highlands and LochNess Monster of yesterday over this place.  Both sacred areas to the people that live in those places.   With my walls coming down in my life, where will my vision quest take me?



  1. No need to go massive Walkabout, I find three or four days away puts things in perspective and brings a new light focused on the big and little. Put the common away and do the uncommon :)

    1. You are most likely right. I haven't really taken a vacation or even just a long weekend away.

  2. Or a retreat in the embrace of your own house: Unplug, light some scented candles, meditate, bath, paint...
    I've been to the Scottish highlands years ago. Breathtaking!

  3. Those barren areas seem a good place to cleanse the soul, and those green places for nurturing it once again.