Monday, July 18, 2016

yin yang

It is high summer in the Ohio Valley.  It is not the heat so much as the humidity that really starts to do you in.  Everyone is starting to work themselves up in a real snit because the cloying heat and humidity.  It won't be long and they will be whining of the frigid bone numbing cold.  I really try to embrace the different seasons; each bring their own enchantments. To appreciate the heat we have to experience the cold.

 I drew this Starting Fresh card and noticed it was the yin yang symbol and since currently I have two packs of this deck; I got the second out and flipped the card so I also can display the reversed version.  Duality. Two halves that complete the whole.  Summer/Winter - Winter/Summer.  The balance complements each other. Without the one the other is meaningless.
 Each day is a fresh start.  Each day can be a new adventure.  Release the old and embrace the new.

Maybe I need to make peace with the differences in myself and then I might not be so restless?

GATEWAY Oracle Cards - Denise Linn


  1. Here we are having the same high temperatures and humidity, with most people wishing it were Spring or Fall. Yet I bet if we had a nonstop Spring, people would be complaining about the pollen; if we had a continuous fall, people would long for more color in the landscape. As you said we need both ends of the spectrum.

  2. Replies
    1. I think you had it right in the title of your other post; instead of fighting what we can't change, it's much saner to accept what is.

  3. I do accept summer for what it is, but I do prefer Autumn and Spring.