Monday, July 4, 2016

Wing and a prayer

Nazca Lines in Peru, are drawings on the Earth's surface that are enormous and can only be visualized from above.

I have remembered times of astral travel.  Free and flying.  I have also watched hawks fly and then try to embrace their flights so I can see the world from their perspective.  I wonder if they are overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds as they take wing?  I can't do heights anymore, even driving up steep hills sends a rush of adrenaline through my system.  There is a remembrance of falling from the tornado and slamming back to the earth, I am sure it will remain with me throughout my days.
One of my biggest fears is I will take this trauma in to my next life and not be able to fully embrace the wonder of the world.

 SACRED SITES TAROT (Magical Places of the World)  ~ Lo Scarabeo
                                 Massimiliano Filadora Federico Penco


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  1. Time erodes the sharpness of our trauma"s like water erodes the rocks on Sharyn's card. Who knows where we both we'll be in ten years. Everything changes even though we're not noticing it (yet)