Sunday, July 24, 2016


This week I choose the Celtic Lenormand Cards.  The booklet suggests reading the cards in pairs to give further depth.  I drew the top two cards and then a third card presented itself.  I have pondered these cards for a bit and the best I can come up with is simplistic at best.  Change is on its way, possible swift change to the work that I do; that which brings me income. 
When the change comes, best think about what really anchors me in the here and now.  That's it, that's all I got.  Maybe I will add an addendum to this later today as I give them more consideration.

CELTIC Lenormand, Written by Chloe McCracken - Artwork by Will Worthington


  1. I have three lenormands, can't do a thing with them, so when I break down and use one it is one carders. Chloe's is by far the best with the best help book.

    1. You are most likely right. I prefer to work with one card, and then if nothing I place back in deck and shuffle and find the same card with the flanking cards for an explanation. But again mostly one carders.

    2. I looked up something about my mother from 2011 posts a bit ago and found in that year I used several lenormands in a row and did 3 card spreads. And made no sense at all :) so I lied this morning, sorry.

  2. I always read Lenormands very simply. If I were to read those three above for myself, I would say: Movement or action that brings results which in turn gives me a feeling of security and safety.