Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Yesterday the squirrel in the four of pentacles was gathering nuts and today in the three of pentacles we have a community of gals that have gathered their flowers and herbs.

After my staring contest yesterday I realized the squirrel was hinting at gathering what I might need to sustain me through the coming winter months.  These gals also have gathered gifts from Mother Earth to work with. The darkest days of the year are ahead before the Wheel turns after the Winter Solstice and so I think I am being advised to gather what will sustain me.  The days are getting shorter and I have always been susceptible to seasonal depression with the waning daylight; so forewarned is forearmed.  I will stock up on Vitamin B 12, my Verilux light out for daylight simulation at my desk, brighter bulbs in some of my lamps, a stack of good books, and continue my time with the wonderful blogging community that has become near and dear to my heart.
And most of all continue my attitude of gratitude.  The Earth needs a good long winters rest to be able to give me a delightful return of Spring so I will refrain from complain.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I gazed upon this squirrel and we both became frozen.  Each not willing to blink in case the other made a sudden move.  So for the moment all I got is a staring contest.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Did that, done that

Wherever you go there you are.

I am not a history buff. Not big on keepsakes, memoirs, pictures, or reminiscing on days gone by.  I am more about the here and now and what comes next.  The journey ahead is always more interesting than a finished project. Still, I think from time to time I need to check in with my past.  To gauge where I am at and decide what is next, to pause and reflect.  Interesting that yesterday I drew the Fool - today the Chariot.  She carries very little in her pack and obviously this charioteer is down to basics.  So too with me, paring down that which no longer works for me.  
I remember a portion of a dream last night, a leopard bit my hand.  I looked down at my hand and couldn't believe she had bitten me, just a nip, but still.  Best I got is a leopard can't change her spots and don't bite the hand that feeds you.  On my quest ahead I best remember I am who I am and not to forget what part of me really serves my best interest.

I am thankful for new and interesting opportunities.  The good and the not so good.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I wonder where she is off to?

New beginnings are happening all the time.  Everyday I get a new start.  It doesn't have to be a major event.  A lovely walk in the park might be just the adventure that is needed today.  It is pretty darn chilly so I think I better grab a coat.
Thankfully I do not have to work today and can just take my time and enjoy myself and whatever adventure comes my way today.

Journey through the Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Can we ever be a neutral observer in the day to day things.  Since we see the world through our own personal lens of observation, can one really know what it best for another?

One of my favorite past times has always been watching others.  I think that is one of the reasons I have worked in customer service and sales for my most of my life, so I can observe others.  Now personally I would describe myself as being an individual that prefers to be on her own.  Then why would I choose a career that I continually have to be in constant contact with others?   A client that I am currently working with and I have helped her and her family make several moves over the last fifteen years, recently described me as a 'Social Introvert' and actually that is a fairly good observation of my nature.  Later that day I was thinking on the label of social introvert and it came to me the Observer was being observed.  Which has given me even more pause for thought and self-observation.

"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." -Friedrich Nietzche

Friday, November 25, 2016

Clean it up

It is hunting season in the area and on a lot of days you can hear the discharge of gun fire in the distance.  I know that the deer herds are over populated and hunting thins the the over population but I don't care for it.  Mostly I don't care for all the pictures of trophy kills and all the backslapping and boasting of the one that didn't get away.  I think most of the local hunters do use the meat and feed their families, but still I don't want to hear about it.   Is that hypocritical of me after eating turkey yesterday, maybe.  I guess that is something I have work on and figure out.  Maybe this card hints at that, clean up my own thinking before being critical of others.
I am grateful I had a good day with family yesterday and yes I enjoyed the turkey; I hope the second round of family festivities goes as well today. 

Wisdom of the Oracle cards - Colette Baron-Reid

Thursday, November 24, 2016


What a lovely and timely draw for today.  Thanksgiving.  I will be spending some of my day with with family and though I love them all, their opinions and outlook are vastly different than mine.  So today I will keep a flexible temperament and enjoy the time spent with them on this Holiday.
My body was never this flexible even in my youth.  Maybe it is also a reminder to get up and stretch.   I am guessing the sprouts from the back her head also indicate I must keep a flexible and open mind and body.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way - Serendipity.

What a delightful card.  Imagine finding myself in a field of four leaf clovers.  A wonderful silly giggle bubbles up thinking about discovering such an enchanted occurrence.
I can see myself lying down and covering myself with the green petals of fortune.  After cloud watching and counting myself as one of the luckiest gals around I think I would gather some of the white clover flowers and make myself a necklace like I did as a little girl, then start gathering some of the four leafed wonders so I could share the charms with others.  Oh Happy Day! 
I am grateful for this four leaf clover day.  A Wonderland indeed.

"Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."   -The White Queen ~ Alice through the Looking Glass/Alice in Wonderland.

Wisdom of the Oracle cards - Colette Baron-Reid

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Grateful Thoughts

THINKER, When I first saw the card of thought of Auguste Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker."  So I googled "The Thinker" and learned something new, so for that I am grateful.

During these thirty days of November and giving my thoughts to to appreciation and gratitude, sometimes I can get stuck in a grove of repetitiveness.  Home, family, friends, work, car, food, chocolate, books. There is also sunshine, rainy days, frogs, hot chocolate, more books, birds, bees, trees, grass, fireflies, butterflies and fairies.  Yesterday in the mail I received a post card, ( below) "There is always, Always something to be Thankful for."  So today I am grateful that someone reminded me that everyday there is something to be grateful for.

Even if I get a little repetitive, gratitude is gratitude.  Saying thank you for whatever reason, is a good thing.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Tick -Tock

Tick tock said the clock.

Time is running out for me to choose my health insurance from the National Health Care program.  I am self employed and have had a major injury so I have no other choice for health care benefits.  I don't really get sick, a little bit of this and that, but that's about it.  I could benefit from a knee replacement and maybe a few other procedures but I don't have the time, money, or inclination to give into those things.  So I limp forth.  Each year the policies go up a bit, but this year, OH MY.  I went through the mailers and emails yesterday and was shocked by increase.  I had heard stories and posts on FB of the increases...My plan doubled this year.  No reason just doubled and I only visited the doctor once last year for a annual check up. My thoughts went immediately to what would I have to give up to pay for the difference.  Through the check list I went and then realized I couldn't do that to myself, coming from a place of fear and lack-which produces more fear and lack.   I am grateful that I have a choice and can make it for myself. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

No Place Like Home

Be it ever so humble

Home.  There are so many things to be grateful for and HOME is at the top of list.  Today I am waking up to sneezing, watering eyes, and a faucet like nose. Thank goodness I have the comfort of home.  I can dig in and hide beneath my covers and lay in bed and rest and recuperate. I have hot tea, vitamin C, and books and tv to keep me company.  I realize that many do not have the comforts of a home and that makes me even more appreciative.  With central heat, electricity, running water, a stocked refrigerator,  and oh so much more, I realize even though I am on the verge of full blown cold how very blessed and lucky I am.

Wisdom of the Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;
A charm from the sky seems to hallow us there,
Which, seek through the world, is ne'er met with elsewhere.
Home, home, sweet, sweet home!
There's no place like home, oh, there's no place like home!"
-first stanza from HOME, SWEET HOME
                                                           John Howard Payne

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Higher Power

I think I do but do I really know who I am?

I recently read that 12% of our mind is consciousness and 88% is subconsciousness.  So if most of my brain activity is on a level of unawareness, do I really know who I am?  And if I go beyond that and remember that we purported to have around sixty thousand thoughts a day and 90% of those are repeating thoughts I almost feel like maybe they are telling us we are automatons.  Are we really in the Matrix?  Thank goodness I don't believe everything I read but it does give me pause for thought.
I do think there is a Higher Power that is helping me along and I am thankful for all the assistance I can get.  Even though most of what I read I have to take with a 'pinch of salt',  I am grateful that I have a questing mind and continue to search for my truth.

The other day the news used the word post-truth, which is a new axiom that is being used.  I don't get it.  Two hyphenated words is a new word?  Truth is truth as we see it, whether pre or post?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Round and Round

Round and a round and around it goes where it stops nobody knows.

There have been many times in my life that I ended up right where I started, or it seemed so.  Repeating patterns.  Lessons that I have do several times until I get it right or know that it no longer matters and maybe never did, but I had to figure that out...School of Hard Knocks I think it is what it is called.
As I have matured I don't take it all so seriously and know that if I have a do-over, so be it - it all works out in the end.
Today I am grateful for the whole school room of Life, even those lessons I had to repeat time and again. 
So instead of asking "how did I get here again?" I will say "okay here I am again, there must be something I need to learn, so pay attention"  then I can move on.

"not all who wander are lost" 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


"She had a revolutionary idea: She would make more time for life's truly important things.
 First on the list: breathing." ~ Amy Rubin Flett

Breathing in deep and slow will calm me almost instantly.  Physically and mentally, breathing deeply centers me and brings me back to the moment I am in.  Sometimes my internal chatter can become overwhelming and it is those moments, that if I stop and bring awareness to my breath, I can become centered and calm. 
I am grateful for my beautiful wonderful lungs.  Long may they serve me.  I know they were happier when I quit smoking years ago.  Without breath I would have no life.
Today if something arises that challenges me I will remember to stop and breathe.

"Yes they are elves," Legolas said "and they say that you breathe so loud they could shoot you in the dark." J.R.R. Tolkien

WISDOM of the ORACLE - Colette Baron-Reid

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Treasure Island

What is the treasure I seek? 
Do I already have the treasure and not aware of it?

Thankfully I have this new day to treasure and think about it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


NOPE!  And sometimes the answer is no.

No is just another word but it can have such a huge impact.  Who wants to be told no?  Sometimes no is the answer and a lot of times it is the best answer.  It is really easy to believe that when the answer is no, for whatever reason, it has to mean that something must be wrong with us.
There are forces at work in this wonderful World and Universe that are far from my understanding and perception.  I used to rebel when told no, now I just go with the flow.  I have come to a place in my life of acceptance of things I cannot understand and control.  Now when I hear "No" I go with it and say thank you.  That no that I got, most likely will keep me from some blunder or faus paus. 
Thank goodness I have guardians and guides that help me along my way.

WISDOM of the ORACLE ~ Colette Baron-Reid

Monday, November 14, 2016


When I was shuffling this morning the WHY? card jumped from the deck.  I continued shuffling to find the answer to WHY.  I call the set bookends, because they both indicate past wisdom and knowledge.  Information that is written in books and information that is passed on generation to generation.  I am a lover of books and have spent a good portion of my life immersed in them.  I also love a really good story whether written or a verbal telling of the tale.  I am guessing with these two cards that some new bit of information is on its way to me.  Aren't I the lucky gal.
I am forever grateful for learning to read and that others decided to share and pass on their stories.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


"Being in the flow; returning to Source; recognizing how pieces fit together; a natural pattern of events."

What a enchanting whimsical card.  With all the variations of the colors of the sea with a hint of misty rose in the sky.  This fairy seems adrift on the open sea, yet she has tools to help her find her way when the time is right.  For now a she is having a lovely time drifting where the current takes her.
Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.  Give myself the gift of a drift; like that soft time between sleep and awake. I finally got to the ocean when I was about thirty and became completely enamored.  There are parts of my soul that are only healed at the edge of the sea and I often wonder why I did not incarnate near a ocean.  I have a birthday coming up and I am giving myself a gift of a few days near the open water. 
I love the ocean and I am grateful for any opportunity to return to my earthly soul place.

WISDOM of the ORACLE - Colette Baron-Reid

Saturday, November 12, 2016

What a wonderful World this could be

"In three words I can sum everything I've learned in life. It goes on." - Robert Frost

No matter what we think, do, or say the World is going to keep spinning along.  We are in changing times, a bit scary maybe but it keeps it interesting.  The World has been in a constant state of flux since it coalesced eons ago and after my last foot print disappears from the Earth it will still be spinning and changing.  That's the way of things.
The best I can do for this wonderful Country and the World at large is to do the best I can and contribute to the Planet through my own personal wholeness and maybe some prayers or affirmations mixed in will also help.  Taking care of the microcosm will help heal the macrocosm.
Reminds me of the old saying 'How do you eat an elephant, one bite at time.'
I am grateful for this crazy mixed up World.  It is where I live and there is not place I would rather be.   Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

Goddess Tarot -Kris Waldherr

Friday, November 11, 2016


Today is November 11 - 1111.  It is a recurrent phenomenon that I see and others as well.  Coincidental, synchronicity, or something more?

I started seeing 1111's back in 2001 or 2002.  Random viewings but enough for me to pay attention. There are times that I don't see the numbers appear anywhere and then there are weeks I see the sequence everywhere.  Some people see them and make a wish seeing a auspicious omen, others feel like their Spirit Guardians are reaching out to connect with them.  Numerologist see 1111 as a Master Number that has special significance.  Maybe its a karmic reminder or even two mirrored forces at work.  Since I have spent time working with the Tarot I wonder if it is not a reminder to find Balance or some order of Justice.  I have also wondered if is a signal of pathways or hallways.  Earlier this year back in April I saw them as possible Four Pillars and recently I received a lovely gift notating the Four Pillars of Destiny.  Synchronicity or coincidental, maybe - maybe not, but it has caught my attention.
Today I am grateful that I have my lovely mind that really keeps Life interesting.  Also that today is Veterans Day and I am grateful for the Women and Men that serve.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let the holidays begin

Two weeks from today we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  A great day to count our blessings of and with family and friends.

I sure hope that this presidential campaign doesn't spoil the forthcoming holiday.  So many people at odds over each other choices.  There is much dissent between peoples even to the point of exclusion of others because of their choice(s).   I may not agree with others and their choices but I can respect that they have their right to choose as do I.  That is the biggest thing I have noticed is the huge division among us.  As author Byron Katie wrote about there are three kinds of business, mine theirs and God's.  So be it.
Today I am grateful all those political ads and signs are done with. Free up the landscape to enjoy ourselves and hopefully with Thanksgiving, the healing can begin, cause really turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie makes everything better.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Just today

Here's to it.  There is timing and a scheme to events that I maybe unaware of.  So be it.

I decided to stay with the Goddess Tarot today and drew this lovely card of celebration.  I had a good day yesterday with my money tree and I need to acknowledge that and not give into worries and fears of what the future may hold.  For today life is good and really that is all I have - this moment.
There is a rainbow in the backdrop and who doesn't love a rainbow.  A promise after the storm.

My cups are full and I have much to be grateful for.  Life has given me bouts of stormy weather and balanced those days with rainbows and sunshine.  So be it.  I will celebrate the here and now and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.
Also I won ten dollars on the Hoosier Lottery yesterday adding to my money tree and definitely something to celebrate.

Here's to it and here's to me.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

At Last!

The mythical 'Money Tree'  I have heard about this tree for years.  My parents always said money doesn't grow on trees and yet there are stories and tales of the money tree, and here it is.

Would a money tree solve problems or create them?  I think more of the latter.  Once word got out, you have to spend all your time and resources protecting the money tree.  Still dreams are built on such fantasies.  Unlimited financial abundance, whew wee.
This month of Gratitude is sharpening my focus of the abundance in my life.  I am truly blessed.  Home, family, friends, books, car with a door handle that works, opportunities.  I have food, heat, electric, and water in my home.  Family and friends to share the good and not so good.  Comfort, clothes, and chocolate.  Life is good.  Still a money tree...

I am super grateful for all that I am blessed with.

The GODDESS TAROT ~ Kris Waldherr

Monday, November 7, 2016

More than an oil change

I am very grateful for trained technicians, particularly automobile technicians and mechanics. 

It is not a job I want to do and I am happy to pay someone who knows what they are doing to take care of issues with my car.  My interior door handle broke a couple of weeks ago and it has been really irritating rolling down the window and opening door with the outside handle. Thank goodness it will be fixed today.  I understand that they have to study and develop skills for what they do and I will try to remember to appreciate others for their work and contributions. 
Thank you for the mechanics that keep my car repaired so that I can be safe on the highways.

"Always focus on the front windshield and not the rearview mirror." - Colin Powell

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thank goodness for me

Today Daylight Savings Time Ended.

I know Daylight Savings Time is most likely a good practice but my world seems more in-sync when we put our clocks back in the Fall.  I was thinking of Helios The God that rode his Chariot, that represented the Sun, moving across the Sky, which made me think of the card FREYIA from the Goddess Tarot. I also was having a couple of curious simultaneous dreams running this morning.  Losing my car (a recurring dream) and being part of big rowdy and somewhat raunchy group of people that I couldn't believe I was a part of? Those are both part of the answer to my Friday offer.  Like Freyia I must drive my own future and not join in the big machine with another company.
I am so grateful for my lovely mind and the way it thinks and dreams.  I was pretty sure that I would not take the offer but I turned it over to my higher-self after writing my pros and cons list and then I get the vision of this card, well...Everything will fall into place at least for 5 months until we go back to Daylight Savings Time.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Proceeding Softly

"My inner power grows in moments of quietude."

Yesterday I met with an agent with another company that I have known for years and in fact she was with the same company I am currently with.  She offered me a position on the team she is working with.  Mostly as a leader generator.  I am pretty good with calling and lead generation and follow-up.  It would get me off the street, ha ha.  I have been in sales for twenty years and though I complain about the work, to turn over direct contact and commissions is a bit scary.   I had planned on this transition middle of next year, but being offered it now is something I have to consider.  With this team the offer will be accepted by another fairly quickly.
I need to proceed softly and cautiously and think on it some more.

I am grateful for the consideration given and for the choices I can make on my own behalf.  Guess I better get my pros and cons list started.

GATEWAY ORACLE Cards ~ Denise Linn

Friday, November 4, 2016

Figure it out

Trying something new
This morning.

My laptop got sickly yesterday so off to gadget doctor this morning.  I have this little LG tablet hardly ever used, so giving it a try for post. I took a snapshot of this card with some stones I had with same tablet.  I will conquer my technical challenges and succeed.
I am very grateful to have these options and the courage to keep learning how to do something new even though it takes me out my comfort zone.
Who says this old gal can't learn something new?

"I am noble, brave, and strong."

GATEWAY Oracle Cards ~ Denise Linn

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The three R's

"It's the simple thing in life that are the most extraordinary." ~ Paulo Coelho

This chart is one of the first Oracles I can remember.  Learning my ABC's.  I can't recall any of the nuns names that taught me at St. Gabriel's but I suppose I could do some research, which I can do since I can read.  I do know that I didn't care for them, especially Mother Superior, but that is a story for another day.  I am forever grateful that I learned to read and write. There is nothing so wonderful as the written word. I spent a good part of my childhood buried in books and have continued that love affair throughout my life.  So here is to all the teachers that I am forever grateful for.  SALUTE!

It also reminds me, a lot of answers I seek have simple solutions, just go back to the basics.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Planting Seeds

"Seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of my soul."

Yesterday I enjoyed the arrival of a rather large community of Robins as they made their journey south.  They were coasting into their landing on a field nearby my home.  I have been hearing the trumpeting of geese for weeks as they fly high above.
Just before the arrival of Spring I notice the return passage of these same two birds and know that they herald the promise of warmer days ahead, giving me extra incentive to hang in there just a little longer for the returning days of Spring.
Years ago I read a passage about birds singing in the morning.  Their chorus fills the air with morning announcements and communal song and encouragement for the grass, flowers, and trees to awaken from their winter's rest.
Maybe that will be a good way to express gratitude for each day that I get to wake up and experience new opportunities, with a song.  I will remember to express my gratitude in song today to encourage my soul, spirit, and heart to all the wonder it beholds.

GATEWAY Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


One year ago today on November 1st I began this blog.  I started with 30 Days of Gratitude since  Thanksgiving is celebrated in November.  The picture below is the same I used last year with my first post.   

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." - Thorton Wilder

I notice that when I am being more conscious and aware of the blessings that are all around me, I become even more aware of so much more.  If I am thankful for the Sun that lights the Earth, then I also become aware that the Sun does more, heats the Earth, gives balance to the Seasons, beautiful sunsets, assists in the growth of plants...and from there - the plants feed us, feed birds and bees, shade us, house us...and that list can go on.  One intentional act of gratitude can make us aware of many things leading to awareness of many more things.
So I will express gratitude often and continue to look for more to be thankful for every day this month.