Friday, November 4, 2016

Figure it out

Trying something new
This morning.

My laptop got sickly yesterday so off to gadget doctor this morning.  I have this little LG tablet hardly ever used, so giving it a try for post. I took a snapshot of this card with some stones I had with same tablet.  I will conquer my technical challenges and succeed.
I am very grateful to have these options and the courage to keep learning how to do something new even though it takes me out my comfort zone.
Who says this old gal can't learn something new?

"I am noble, brave, and strong."

GATEWAY Oracle Cards ~ Denise Linn


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, a couple of pieces. I, like you, pick up stones here and there. I used to have quite a bit more but my niece is also a rock hound and asked for some of my collection. I figured why not, she will get them all somewhere along the line anyway.

  2. What a lovely arrangement of stones and card! Beautiful job!

    1. I just tossed some for the base of the card, since the card had the individual who had scaled the mount of stones. Presented with a challenge, might as well do your best to get on top of it.