Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Grateful Thoughts

THINKER, When I first saw the card of thought of Auguste Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker."  So I googled "The Thinker" and learned something new, so for that I am grateful.

During these thirty days of November and giving my thoughts to to appreciation and gratitude, sometimes I can get stuck in a grove of repetitiveness.  Home, family, friends, work, car, food, chocolate, books. There is also sunshine, rainy days, frogs, hot chocolate, more books, birds, bees, trees, grass, fireflies, butterflies and fairies.  Yesterday in the mail I received a post card, ( below) "There is always, Always something to be Thankful for."  So today I am grateful that someone reminded me that everyday there is something to be grateful for.

Even if I get a little repetitive, gratitude is gratitude.  Saying thank you for whatever reason, is a good thing.



  1. I am thankful for this reminder to be grateful and I am also thankful for having lots of time to read

  2. I'm going to try and be grateful for actual things instead of things I "should" be grateful for. I'm making a list of questions to ask myself to help me at the end of the day:

    What happened today that made me smile or laugh?
    What was I doing that gave me a moment of contentment?
    What touched my heart?
    What left me in awe?
    What unexpected thing was I given that was a blessing?
    What didn't happen that I thought would and was worried about?

    I won't have an answer for all the questions each day, but they can help point my mind in a positive direction! :)

    1. That is a great check list. Sometimes we overlook the simple pleasures and take too much for granted. Your awareness checklist will help.

  3. I too am grateful for the three of you. Salute!

  4. Your reference to Rodin made me think of his sculpture 'the kiss' and of my happy times working at the wonderful Tate Gallery where it was once on display. Thank you for triggering that memory!