Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Just today

Here's to it.  There is timing and a scheme to events that I maybe unaware of.  So be it.

I decided to stay with the Goddess Tarot today and drew this lovely card of celebration.  I had a good day yesterday with my money tree and I need to acknowledge that and not give into worries and fears of what the future may hold.  For today life is good and really that is all I have - this moment.
There is a rainbow in the backdrop and who doesn't love a rainbow.  A promise after the storm.

My cups are full and I have much to be grateful for.  Life has given me bouts of stormy weather and balanced those days with rainbows and sunshine.  So be it.  I will celebrate the here and now and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.
Also I won ten dollars on the Hoosier Lottery yesterday adding to my money tree and definitely something to celebrate.

Here's to it and here's to me.



  1. A positive message for today - thank you!

    1. I really liked yours. It is dark days ahead. All we have is today and tomorrow will come when it comes.

  2. It is probably 30+ years ago the lottery came to the pacific northwest, in Washington. I lived in Oregon at the time, near to the border. Where I worked, everyday, there was a man who'd run over to Washington and by lottery tickets for everyone. Seeing all of us scratching off all those losers was a good lesson :) Glad you have a great day

  3. Congratulations on your win. The three of cups one of my favourite cards. Enjoy and as the card suggests cheers!