Saturday, November 5, 2016

Proceeding Softly

"My inner power grows in moments of quietude."

Yesterday I met with an agent with another company that I have known for years and in fact she was with the same company I am currently with.  She offered me a position on the team she is working with.  Mostly as a leader generator.  I am pretty good with calling and lead generation and follow-up.  It would get me off the street, ha ha.  I have been in sales for twenty years and though I complain about the work, to turn over direct contact and commissions is a bit scary.   I had planned on this transition middle of next year, but being offered it now is something I have to consider.  With this team the offer will be accepted by another fairly quickly.
I need to proceed softly and cautiously and think on it some more.

I am grateful for the consideration given and for the choices I can make on my own behalf.  Guess I better get my pros and cons list started.

GATEWAY ORACLE Cards ~ Denise Linn


  1. Frogs and wands.... Possibilities are in the air!

    1. Well now I will have to go back and find all our posts on frogs and wands.

  2. That's a summery card. Are they all like that or does the season have some significance?