Friday, November 11, 2016


Today is November 11 - 1111.  It is a recurrent phenomenon that I see and others as well.  Coincidental, synchronicity, or something more?

I started seeing 1111's back in 2001 or 2002.  Random viewings but enough for me to pay attention. There are times that I don't see the numbers appear anywhere and then there are weeks I see the sequence everywhere.  Some people see them and make a wish seeing a auspicious omen, others feel like their Spirit Guardians are reaching out to connect with them.  Numerologist see 1111 as a Master Number that has special significance.  Maybe its a karmic reminder or even two mirrored forces at work.  Since I have spent time working with the Tarot I wonder if it is not a reminder to find Balance or some order of Justice.  I have also wondered if is a signal of pathways or hallways.  Earlier this year back in April I saw them as possible Four Pillars and recently I received a lovely gift notating the Four Pillars of Destiny.  Synchronicity or coincidental, maybe - maybe not, but it has caught my attention.
Today I am grateful that I have my lovely mind that really keeps Life interesting.  Also that today is Veterans Day and I am grateful for the Women and Men that serve.


  1. I think balance and justice would be good intentions for our nation to have right now. And since this card is sometimes Strength, compassion and tolerance would be welcome too.

  2. You mean they are actually letting us have Veterans Day on it's correct day?? Someone is asleep at the switch. I see 27 in many things but probably because I consider it a powerful number.

    1. I have an old copy of Linda Goodman's Star Signs. 27-The Sceptre, "This is an excellent, harmonious, and fortunate number of courage and power with a touch of enchantment..."