Monday, August 15, 2016

Cut the mustard

I have drawn another nine card today.  Another reminder of some state of completion.  This gal is ambivalent about her success.  Eight of the coins are on display, yet the one just completed is hidden.  It is bigger and better than her other finished pieces and yet...

Can I ever be really happy with the a job well done.  Once completed, I automatically think okay on to the next task, job, client.  Can I allow myself some time of contemplation and acknowledge 'job well done' and be okay with it?  I did this today, what can I do tomorrow?   All of it is meaningless unless I can anchor myself in my own quiet moments and say 'good enough' and then just let if be.
Maybe a rephrase...I can allow myself some time to enjoy 'job well done."  
There is more to it than just,success for success.

The Tarot of Durer  ~  Lo Scarabeo


  1. I think it is important to appreciate a job that we did well. It helps us stay confident when we run into those jobs that are a challenge.

  2. as always with the cards, they speak of balance. For women who have always worked outside the home balance is a sharp sword. You snooze you loose is the banner of the marketplace. Before you get out of bed every morning shout "Carolyn!! Job well done!"