Monday, August 1, 2016

No more corners for me

While growing up one of the favored forms of punishment was being stood in the corner.  Where standing we could contemplate our wrong doings.   The punishment time spent facing the wall could be ten minutes to an hour. 

Sometimes I self impose a time out, become a prisoner of a mindset.  An isolation for some perceived wrong or at least not right thingy I have done.  Old habits die hard.
 I can easily step from this ice floe to the next and release myself.
I am much better these days and can say to myself ," well that didn't go well."  Examine it for what it was and let it go. 
Life is just to damn short to spend all my time in 'time out.'
It's a new month and time for a fresh start.

FAIRY Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine


  1. Good Gad, the time out corner. Wonder who thought up that. Someone in the Spanish Inquisition I expect.

    1. Spanish Inquisition might be right. I think it was all the old Catholic guilt thing. I remember one time, one my sisters couldn't remember our address and phone number and he stuck her in corner until she could recite it without fail and with out tears. She was five and he wanted her to know before going to school.

  2. I think the time out was thought to replace spankings (supposed to only last 10 to 15 min.); but good grief to have to stand there for an hour! A spanking is what I would have preferred - at least it would be over much quicker!

  3. Spankings and beatings were also doled out, sometimes we had a turn in the corner till we quit crying. Years later I learned some of my Father's story and the nuns at the orphanage he spent a few years at would lock him in a closet for a whole day or two for penance, so we fared better than him.