Thursday, September 1, 2016

Solar Eclipse

There is a Solar Eclipse today.  Not visible from my little corner of the World.  Still it is significant to mark the day.  Lots of oohs and aahs when seen.  The Moon full of mystery and myth, offering intuitive messages; blocking the The Sun full of hope and promise and the light to our days.

I drew the five of cups again today.  I thought thats not right and was going to ignore him, and thought to myself, 'no you have to honor the cards', sort of play the hand your dealt.  I thought I really want to know what is trying to be relayed to me, some hint, so I replaced back in deck to ask again.  Shuffled, cut and first card up - again the five of cups.

The veil between the seen and unseen, the conscious and unconscious, is supposed to be thinner during eclipses, so I will spend some of my day in quiet contemplation and hope to find my answer to the message this five of cups is relaying.


  1. Cards that keep popping up can be as annoying as a mosquito buzzing in your ear. Hope you can decipher its message today. :)

  2. Stalker Cards can be very persistent. I've been stalked by the Eight of Swords for many months in a row. Your card will probable require some serious soul searching! :D