Saturday, September 10, 2016

this little piggy goes...

A pig is a pig is a pig.  You are what you are.  This sow and her piglets are who they are. They were born pigs and will die as pigs and will live their lives doing piggy things.
Should I be so lucky.
I tossed and turned all night last night worrying and rehashing a situation I have with clients.  Challenging would be a soft term for them.  I tried to stop the runaway train-of thoughts but never really did.  Then somewhere along 4am I thought to myself if I could focus all my thoughts on me and my well-being instead of trying to work through their mess - HOW WONDERFUL THAT WOULD BE FOR ME!  In another couple of weeks it will be some other mess or challenge; so let it go.
This card also reminded me a bit of the RWS Star Card.  One large star and seven smaller circlet of stars.  Calm and Peace after the Tower. 
So these clients are a lesson for me, hopefully I will learn it at long last.

DRUID ANIMAL ORACLE ~ Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm


  1. I can so relate. It's really just one drop of water in the ocean, but when that's all I'm staring at, that's all I see.

  2. What a perfect card to help you realize what is important for you here and now. Nothing is a grounding a a piglet rolling in the mud :D
    Take care and sleep well tonight!

    1. I need to let things go. I will keep the image of a good roll in the mud in mind. Good stuff, enough to make me laugh and not take things so seriously