Friday, September 23, 2016

Come sit with me for a bit

Joanna Powell Colbert recently shared a spread she uses on her blog-website: A Tarot Spread for Insight into a Current Soul Lesson.  Divide your deck into three piles: Major cards, Number cards and People (Court) cards.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • What’s the big force (or soul lesson) at work in my life right now? Pull a card from the Major pile.
  • What area of my life is this showing up in? Pull a card from the Number pile.
  •  How am I relating to this force? Pull a card from the People pile. 
 So at 10:21am yesterday morning, just as Autumn introduced herself for her 2016 showing I drew the above cards to give me focus for the next three months.
I am giving these cards a look over for the next few days and allow the images to speak to me on a deeper spiritual level.
The first thing I noticed is that all three are moving or working at a tempo or some rhythm to their work. Drum beating you have a tempo, hammering iron I am sure you have to have a tempo, and spinning yarn definitely there is a tempo to that spinning wheel.  I notice the fire of spirit burns in the first card and is also present in the oven of the blacksmith.  And the spinner in her Autumnal garden is sure to enjoy the leaves change to their fiery bursts of color.  The two end cards are both focusing on the gal in the middle.  She does not seem to be enjoying herself as much as the the other two or is just so focused on working that hot iron that she is not aware of anything other than what is in front of her.
This spread is giving me the opportunity to reconnect on a deeper level with the cards and I will work with these three individuals a bit more over the next few days.  So they may revisit my blog after I sit with each a spell and have a conversation with them.

THE GAIAN TAROT - Joanna Powell Colbert


  1. Brilliant. You are right there, all the way across. You have your 7 of fire but it no longer fits.

    1. I think the crux is the Seven of Fire. Intent on doing the work to get it done. I am entering those years where work is not focal point of my life. I need to find my way to the garden. The Magician is there to help me find the spark to help me on my way.

  2. I love it how you slowly approach your reading and peel back the layers one by one until you reach the core, the essence

    1. I have decided this evening I am going to visit the Magician/Shaman. After my work day and dinner I am going to find a U-Tube video of circle drumming and relax and allow my self to step into the card and join the Magician/Shaman in a vision quest.

  3. What an interesting draw, with each person working through things in their own individualized way.