Sunday, September 4, 2016

So What

Choices, are we ever beyond having to explain ourselves.  Even living alone I feel like I have to justify what I am doing, going to do, or have done.  But to whom?  The only person I am accountable to is me.

Doing nothing is a choice.  I have a list of at least seven things I want to get done and work on during this long holiday weekend.  I had great intentions yesterday.  Started out well and then got hooked on reruns of Downton Abbey on PBS.  I turned on the tv when I took a break for lunch and that as they say 'is all she wrote.'  I watched ten hours straight. I quit watching the series years ago because I was over enamored with the show; in fact I watched most of season three which is the last season I watched.  I spent the day teary eyed and it was probably the best use of my day.  I didn't worry about anything, had some emotional release time, did a bit of dusting while watching and laundry-so some housework was done.  The big thing was - I vacated my life for a while and so my mind was rested at days end.
The Judgement Card yesterday in hindsight suggested no judgement about how I spent my day.  It is was my choice.  For today I am going to grab one of those cups and get it done.

GILDED TAROT by Ciro Marchetti


  1. I think there is a certain generation of us who grew up with the idea that not being productive was sinful. We're probably also the generation who has helped the growth the pharmaceutical companies as a result. Good on you for taking time out to rest your mind with something your enjoyed!

    1. It wasn't my intention to hit the pause button on my day, but I am glad I did. Better than pharmaceuticals.