Sunday, September 18, 2016

Frog Flying

I have been drawing the Page of Wands a number of times in the last week or so in response to a couple of questions I have asked myself.  I found this picture a number of weeks back after the day of froggy fun. 
This could definitely be a Page of Wands.  Youth and enthusiasm with a bit of whimsy tossed in.
What fun it must be to ride on the back of a big ole frog and jump from here to there.  Of course it is a ride only taken in ones imagination but really that is where the magic begins.
I guess let go and have some fun is my answer.


  1. I wish my imagination was still as vivid as when I was a little girl..
    Maybe I have hidden it somewhere in a murky pond. Must find a frog to dig it up. :D

  2. Amazing image. The face reminds me of that first time on a bike. I'm scared but get out of my way

  3. What a cute picture - he must definitely be a Page of Wands boy. Adventurers ho!

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