Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Share a smile

I wonder if people and I am people so that includes me, stop and think about what they think, do, and say. I am back to one of those fifty thousand repeating thoughts I have daily; and the consequences of those thoughts, actions, and words.  This gal is planting a sapling in the forest, will she live to see the tree grow to full potential?  Even if she did no one would say "hey that's the tree Carolyn planted."

I recently heard this woman share a story of the last day of her Mothers life.  Her Mother loved Wendys chili.  When she found her Mother dead later that day, there sat the the takeout bag with the chili unopened.  After a time, one of her thoughts was she hoped that whoever waited on her Mother at the drive through window was happy and polite, because that was the last person who saw and spoke to her Mother."
Each and everyday since I heard that story I try to remember to share a smile with someone.  We really don't know do we?

THE GAIAN TAROT - Joanna Powell Colbert


  1. What a lovely sentiment!It's similar to the idea to never part or go to sleep without making up with your loved ones. You never know...☺

  2. What a great story - thanks for sharing it. I guess most of us are clueless about how the words we say or the way we say them can affect someone's day.

  3. I asked Rob last night if when the nieces and nephews walk us home, would they place a glass vase full of lemons on the grave. He said he hoped so, we should put it in writing. Just a funny inside joke no one else would understand but us. I'd like laughter that day.

    1. Please tell us the story of lemons sometime.

  4. A lemon and a rabbi went into a bar...The salesman and the farmer spoke at length :)