Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In the eye of the beholder

The Awakening Your True Self stuck to the card of Beauty the top card on the deck, so I am guessing the fairies want to clue me in.  There is great beauty all around us; people, places, and things..."let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and trees and the moon up above and a thing called love." That second card has me thinking I am supposed to clue into me.  Awakening to my true self. 
I heard a line in a show the other evening that has stuck with me.  The evil queen in the show, Once Upon a Time, has been trying to change for the last couple of years and she made a statement that part of her still believes she is the Evil Queen because that's the story she has told her self and has been telling herself for years.  It was what others told her and she heard it, believed it, personified it.  As Regina she just couldn't shake that image.  Now through some bit of 'magic' the Evil Queen ripped herself out of Regina at the end of last years' show.  Regina now has the opportunity to be a new and different kind of gal since the evil has been removed?  Easier said than done I think.
For some reason the gist of the scene was/is  We are the story we tell ourselves.  I have heard it before but it really resonated the other evening.  So for now in my journal I am working on a new story for Carolyn.  I was about ready to settle into 'old age' and go along with what others and society has got in mind for us old folk.  I turn 60 in a few months and I believe I have enough time to reshape and revitalize myself with a new story.  So I think the beauty card speaks to me on my journey to awakening to my true self.


  1. I do believe we become the story we tell ourselves. As Carl Jung put it:
    “Until you allow the unconscious to become conscious, it will rise up to you as your life and you will call it your fate.”
    Glad you've decided to take up the pen and rewrite your script!

  2. Me too! Here is an example. Yesterday I went to the optometrist for eye exam and new glasses and not once but 3X's he said we all will get cataracts as we get older so so plan on that in my 70's. I told him "not me" and that is when he said all older people do. Now I got to keep affirmations going in my head that I will see clearly throughout my life, because he tried to plant that thought in my head. Baloney!

  3. Ah my dear Carolyn, we are still so young...
    "Awakening to my true self" You are absolute worth it to be woken up by true love's kiss from your most authentic self :)