Saturday, September 3, 2016


Judgement, from the booklet - is known as the karmic card: 'as you sow, so shall you reap.'  Does the Judgement card really represent karma.  Retribution and Rewards for past actions, and if so how long do those actions, good or bad, stay on our accounting books...hours, days, weeks, months, our lives - however many we live? 

When I first viewed this card I saw the winged helmet.  This helmet was worn by Hermes or Mercury who was/is the messenger of the Gods.  Mercury is retrograde per astrological tables, so we have to rethink and review all that we encounter during these three weeks.

Do I believe in karma, I used to think so.  I think, ponder, pray, and meditate on the word karma often after my tornado trauma.  Was that punishment-karma for some past action.  I got to tell you I haven't done anything so bad as Carolyn to deserve that Chariot ride.  How about previous Lives?   I cringe when I hear people say "they deserved that" or I wish I was around when that bites them in the ass." 
Maybe that is what Judgement has to say to me, to choose my words wisely today and also during this Mercury retrograde time.

GILDED TAROT by Ciro Marchetti

A picture of my Chariot after the tornado.


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  2. I am so sorry you had to go through such horrific ordeal but I never, ever believe that such horrible things happen as a result of karma. I do believe that every cahllenge that happens to us can work for our benefit too! Nothing is all bad and nothing is all good. Maybe it is up to us to find the diamonds between the charcoal

  3. Holy #$%&#, it is a miracle that you survived with all your limbs in tact! I have sort of a different view of karma (more Buddhist than Hindu). For me, it is a natural law like gravity - it doesn't reward or punish. It literally means 'action;' our intentional actions create results. The more we act a certain way, the more seeds we plant to continue the same pattern of behavior (which is what karma is to me). So hearing the call of Judgment (for me) would be choosing to break that habitual pattern that is not beneficial.