Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Feeling Safe

When I drew this card I heard "the best defense is a good offense.'  This fairy stands at the ready, sword in hand, secure within the walls of castle or home and has three companions at the ready. 
What does it take to feel safe?  I know living from a place of fear is no way to live, but what does it take to really feel safe?  I know my answer is different from another and most definitely different from those living in war torn countries.
Something for me to ponder on today.

Healing With The Fairies - Doreen Virtue


  1. Compared to much of the world I've always been safe, believing it ot not

  2. Sometimes my mind can create a view totally different than reality.

  3. I happy to say I feel lot safer then I used too.

    1. A few years back when I went in search of my inner child she didn't come forth. She didn't feel safe. I talked to her a number of times and then one time in meditation waiting to see if she would come forth, I saw a head peak around a corner and there she was. It took a number of visits before she felt safe enough to come all the way out of her hidy hallway and have a chat. I had left her alone for so long she was really skittish with me.