Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Get up on the other side

A bit of R & R never hurt no one.

I feel a bit of a cold coming on.  Sniffles and Sneezes this morning.  Guess this card hints a taking a bit of time to rest and recuperate.  I also need to give myself some time for contemplation for the work I do.  I had a bit of snit yesterday at the office.  Another was trying to box me in and after twenty years in outside sales I chaffed at the power struggle.  Really I should not have let it bother me, but there you go.  I am very thankful that I don't have to do the nine-five routine, that I still have the flexibility in my schedule not to put up with office politics.  Still I am committed to make changes in my work life so I need to "give it a rest" and get on with things.  Thank goodness I have reached an age where I don't carry a grudge and can move on.  Life has much to offer so I will get up and get back to it, first though I think I will get back in my bed and take that extra 15 minutes. That sounds about right.

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