Monday, November 20, 2017

Alpha Canis Majoris

Sirius: The brightest star visible in Earth's sky.

The Dog Star, Sirius silly, not the Moon.  Although canines howl at the Moon and for that matter so do I.
I went out last night and admired the night sky.  I am house sitting at my sisters home, which is fairly rural and the Stars are much more visible without the light pollution of city where I live.
Thank goodness I took the time to go out and admire the Stars and the deep darkness of the night. Maybe all those lights are Planets and Stars and maybe they are points of lights made by our Ancestors as they took their celestial place.
A perfect night sky but then again, the sky is always perfect.


  1. I used to be able to see Orion really well this time of year, but lately I've forgotten to look. Might have to remedy that!

    1. We take for granted and then forget. I am working on my 30 days of gratitude and trying to remember other things than, house, food, clothes; for which I a very grateful. Get outside tonight.