Friday, December 22, 2017

An Apple a Day


This reminds me of me.  I am a sugar addict and my addiction has been intensifying.  Like any addict a little of any type of the addictive substance is too much.  I ignore the natural tasty snack like the apples on the tree, for cookies, candy, cake, milk shakes, cupcakes, any bit of this n that, that is made from the refined white sugar that has me tied up in cravings. Wait in my defense, I also eat the sweet tasty apple.  Enough I say and then I sneak in just a taste and the day continues with more sugar reinforcements.
It is time for some Self - Tough Love.
After Christmas.


  1. I restarted slimming world a few weeks back. My problem area was wine at the weekend so I've switched to gin which is far less calorific. I figured that to keep on track it would have to be a really nice gin - crystal glass, chunky ice, pretty garnish etc. Four weeks on I don't miss wine at all and have lost ten pounds!

    A longwinded way of saying when breaking a habit don't be too austere with yourself take time to find extra special replacements that you really enjoy. :)

    1. Those are good words indeed. Anything too radical and it won't stick. I guess I sent something out in the Universe with this post and later in the day my niece and sister texted and said let's try the Whole30 plan. Never heard of it. Austere it is not, but restrictive yes. I will give a go with them, it's only 30 days.