Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wand at the Ready

Read instructions carefully

I receive several gifts for Christmas that require some instructional information.  With all the fire power of the Ace of Wands, it should come with a set of instructions.  Used wisely and oh the magic that it can create,  haphazardly, watch out.
Not sure what to do with my Wand today, so I think I will lay it on the my desk top and wait for further instructions.


  1. Replies
    1. Lots of Wands energy between us today. zzzzzzzzzap, that's the arc of electricity between our Ace of Wands today.

  2. It’s gotten into me too. Strong urge to tell you to forget the instructions and wave away...

  3. Maybe those clouds above will part soon and you can gleefully zap away. :D

    1. It is cloudy and cold here today. I just walked through the house and almost every light is on, even my 'mood' light. I am guessing that is my Wands energy today. Duke Energy is going to love sending my bill.