Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Help or Hurt

Double - Double edge swords

Double edge sword, an action or decision that appears to help but can also hinder.
Let's face it, one could not hold up those two heavy swords for very long.  Heavy be it that, making a wrong choice, sooner or later, one has to own up to it and right the wrong.  Or you can choose to make another equally wrong choice to see if you can rectify the first incorrect choice, which is never a good option.
Swords are about the mind and thought, why is there so much water in this card?  Did she let her heart rule her double trouble decision or is she stuck too much in her head and needs to release her defensive posture and open her heart to clear up the mess.
She better take her blindfold off to make a arm sling cause her shoulders are really going to ache. 


  1. Interesting the two and eight are both blindfolded, I wonder if there are any more in the RWS deck.

  2. Okay out with it. What do you know about the blindfolded characters? What are you hinting at?

  3. I think of all the people and media trying to tell us what to choose. Maybe she's blindfolded to figure it out for herself.