Saturday, December 9, 2017


Easy does it.

I have allowed myself to become stressed and the stress has manifested into a full blown cold. Usually when the sniffles hit I can ward them off; this time, not.  Temperance advises 'easy does it.'  Maybe the blending is a suggestion for a hot toddy, except there is no whiskey in the house, and really those toddys don't offer a cure.  I started to focus on the 'path to enlightenment' but maybe the path of understanding takes us right back to the water's edge, not the other way.  Right back to my emotional take on things and that is what my stress reaction is all about.
Maybe a nice cup of hot tea blended with a dollop of honey. 


  1. you nailed the card today! Get well soon!

  2. Steamy showers, saline nosespray, hot soup and lots of hot tea for you this weekend!Hope you feel better soon!