Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ides of March

In the deep darkness of the night what secrets are whispered and carried forth on the passing breeze?  This High Priestess honors the old ways in her private chambers.   This feels like the age between the Feminine and Masculine ruled.  All those obelisks in the background hints at the masculine rule formed by all those dynasties of kings of old.  She still honors the ways of the Feminine and gathers her strength in practicing the rites of the Great Mother. What whispers are carried on the wind?

 Does someone's words whispered in the night have power over us?  Are their words of intention binding on the the individual of their focus?  I believe that I choose my way, but there are times when something wakes me in the night, and it is coming from 'somewhere else.'



  1. I've been having some horrific nightmares lately. If I have any grumbles about my life, I certainly don't when I awake from those...It is always worse somewhere isn't it.

    1. I still wonder if there are whispers in the night, quite possibly what brings on those nightmares.

  2. Personally I do not believe in such whispers from afar but more in the frightening whispers in the dark corners of my soul.