Sunday, March 6, 2016

Step Away from the Crowd

Herd mentality, lots of that going on these days.  Everybody following the political debates; I won't even turn on the tv much these days, tired of all the rhetoric and bs.  When you follow the herd the view never changes. Go here, do that, stay together, and if you don't conform you are in danger of being left out, left alone, ostracized.  Thinking about it, if you just follow the herd you are bound to step in all that bs. Yuck.

I have always been a little bit out there, just a tad different.  I look like everybody else in mainstream society and I admit I conform more than I feel comfortable with most days, but I have some of my own individuality that I stay true too.  Sure there may be wolves and other hazards when I am out there on my own.  Away from the crowd I will be able to see a horizon, a sunrise, a sunset, feel a breeze across my face.  Able to breathe deeply and connect to the day, and being out there on my own I may even hear my own voice for a change.  Hearing myself and not all that other bleating.

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE  Oracle Cards - Sonia Choquette


  1. great image. I call them sheeple. What observation has taught me is, every one of those sheep see themselves as different. Ain't life a kick?

    1. I kick in the head from the one in front of you when you get too close.