Friday, March 4, 2016

Breathe deeply

A field of lavender as my backyard would be glorious indeed.  I have never seen a field of lavender.  A few plants at the local garden and nursery store, or a few sprigs in a bouquet of flowers, but this explosion of color and fragrance; a absolute delight for sure.  This is the place of calm and security after the fright and fear of the The Tower that I have experienced the last few days. 

From the book and the description of the shadow side of this card feels like the place I am in at the moment.
"You may not yet have experience peace and plenty and you may not yet have found your heart's home.  You may be restless and unsatisfied, even if you have an abundant lifestyle.  Consider what you need to be truly secure and prosperous, then recognize how much you already have."

I did not experience any 'Lightning' or 'Tower' moments the last few days, it could be my lingering experience from my tornado trauma on March 2, 2012 or harbinger of a future event, but for now I will rest and recover and go smell the flowers.


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