Saturday, March 12, 2016

Listen to the Music

You never know who is listening. This gentleman is singing for pure joy.  He opens his heart to the music and everyone in the house is his audience; not that he needs an audience for his voice sings to his heart.  This morning I woke with a curious little diddy running through my head  'Let Me Tell You About The Birds and The Bees and The Flowers and The Trees, and The Moon Up Above and a Thing Called Love.'   (sometimes you got to wonder what you were dreaming about?)

We never do know who might be listening.  I know in the past I have said things I regret and I know there have been words spoken that wounded another.  I have gotten a lot better and don't stick one of feet in my mouth very often anymore.  Maybe it comes with age or maybe with age I don't let so much irritate me anymore that I feel compelled to make an unkind remark.  I am sure a much better use of my vocal cards would be singing even though my voice doesn't carry a tune, but singing does lift the spirit and puts a little pep in my step.  Maybe someone will join me in my song.

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE Oracle Cards - Sonia Choquette


  1. I sing along with the Stones and one will know if I'm screeching or honking :)

  2. I can't remember lyrics very well so I sing the first line over and over again with a bit of humming in between.It drives my girls nuts but it for me it feels so good