Thursday, March 24, 2016


'Play with abandon. Honor the rhythm of the sea.  Every part of our lives seeks balance with the other parts of our lives. We seem to have two lives - that in which we work and, if we can squeeze it in, that in which we play. In or minds and culture, we often tilt the scale to the practical, "have to" side, and forget that the only way we can fully live is to break from our cages and give ourselves to play.'

Above quote is from the backside of the card.  I don't live near the sea, I think I have in past lifetimes. The sea calls to me.  I have always found peace at the sea shore and would try to go every year or two.  It can be a challenge to find the time, make travel plans, and then actually go. The trauma changed me and now I live a bit fearful of getting too far from home.  Before the accident I would  make those plans and be gone; didn't bother me in a bit to go off on my own.  Not so much now. 
Today might be a good day to make vacation plans.

Magic & Myth affirmation cards - Sue Lion


  1. I can relate to the fear of leaving home. After my break down I've never returned to the sea.I lived there for about twenty years and I miss it as much as I am afraid of the emotions it will stir when I would go there again. But I will, one day

    1. There is something about the sea that calls to all us. Sorry to hear that something traumatic happened in your life. Such burdens so many of us bear. May the Spring lighten both of our hearts and lighten up the dark corners of our fears.

  2. Thanks Carolyn,that is a very thoughtful wish