Saturday, March 5, 2016

Play Day

Out of two comes a third. Family is or can be the celebration of Life.  Some families are more challenged than others, but Life finds a way.  Even family of sea otters are challenged I am sure.  Toxic crap in the water pollutes their lifestyle.  It will also kill off the clams they eat and the kelp beds they use as their anchors when sleeping.  Still the otters find their way, and I am sure they don't just swim around barking and complaining about the humans that have befouled their homes.

A really good lesson for me.  I am not much of a complainer, it is what it is, and so, just get on with it.  There are times when I can get on my pitiful me perch and then the day is a misery.  Only I can pull myself out of that place or even better not let myself sink in to the pit of despair, besides if I slide into the muck I just have to dig myself out of it.  I almost let myself slide into that pit this week.  Here is my card of celebration, life goes on and for the most part is pretty darn good.  Besides without a little thunder and lightning, the days would all mesh together. 
I think I will have a 'Play Day'


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  1. I've always seen life through the lens of "seriousness;" learning how to play as an adult has been a great lesson for me! Being outdoors, listening to music and hanging out with friends who have a sense of humor helps.