Saturday, June 2, 2018


Play - What's that?

I probably need to take the day off; wishful thinking.  Got paper work to do and mail to take care of.  I spent a full week at office normally only 15hours or so; taking care of others work so I can spend Saturday taking care of mine.  I also just received a nasty little text from a customer that wanted me to waste my time with trying to sell her home for way more than it is worth and yesterday told her I would not.  I wished her well and she hung up and me then texted a bit ago.  I am thinking I dodged a huge amount of nastiness, leaving more time to play.  Yay!
Though I cannot get to the beach to play I can still build sandcastles in the air--wasn't there a song titled that?   Well off to surf the web and see.

Magic & Myth - Sue Lion

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  1. Glad you refused to do the impossible. It always makes me laugh that we think our stuff is so valuable that other's should pay more for it than we did. :)