Friday, June 29, 2018

Here's the thing

Truth Be Told.  Another wise owl fluttering in with the wind and finding a perch.  I think she is holding an open window. Not for her to fly into since she is holding open for me.  Perhaps the window of enchantment, like Wendy's open window allowing Peter Pan to fly through.  I wonder if I found my happy thought where would it take me?

Wisdom of the Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid


  1. My happy thought is always with me with needle and thread and fabric. Lawn mowing day here, but the carrot on the stick, even though I love mowing, is back to my little pile of bits. Maybe with another episode of Dr. Blake. (((U)))

    1. Mostly it is books for me. The sad thing is my ability to hold books since it makes my head and neck ache so. Audible books are good, but there is something about turning a page.

  2. Your post made me think of the saying, "When you can't find an open door, look for an open window." Hope you have plenty of happy thoughts to keep you aloft today. :)