Monday, June 18, 2018


Can there be a middle ground if you have detached from the situation?

Temperance.  I don't really understand Temperance; the depictions are too abstract for me.  I like a little more direct. To temper, to blend, to find a middle ground.  What?  I look at cards on either side of a card to help decipher or understand what message the card may bring to me.  I have to go back to the Major Arcana to help me understand Temperance.  With the Hanged Man and Death one side of Temperance and The Devil and The Tower on the other side, that's enough to give me pause with Temperance. I guess Temperance is the middle ground between all the turmoil of those cards or situations.  Still, can one be detached amongst that turbulence?

The Linestrider's Journey


  1. my lady of the blending said she is associated with the Emperor. I actively dislike the Emperor card, followed by the High Priestess. I play happy families with the remainder.

  2. Detachment to me means being alert but nonreactive. Disassociation is like putting a bag over your head. Temperance would probably prefer a response made with discernment.😊